Unable to ascend

I have my 5 star kirkman negan ready to ascend. I put him in and add 8 benedicts and hit ascend. Everytime it takes me to the main screen and says loading.
I am unable to ascend.

It’s the game giving you a sign…


Yeah don’t ascend him he isn’t worth it


Negan is definitely not worth it


I knew this thread would be 10% helpfulness and 90% ‘Negan’s not worth it’


So far it’s been 100% Negan isn’t worth it :joy:

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As mentioned hes not really worth it but if you must maybe support can help… :joy:

negan was never worth it

They ruined negan don’t do it

Re install the game and make sure you have your account linked before you re install

Don’t waste your time on negan he is 1 of the worse yellow 6* on the game save your resources

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Praise the Scopely gods…don’t ascend. Waste of time and not a great toon!

Well technically ‘Negans not worth it’ is helpfulness


Lol, I assumed it was his only / one of few options

click on the lock on top left corner

This has happen to me and the fix was delete all your teams and remake them.I know pain but it never happen again after.

2 things:

  1. Check if Negan is not in your main def team as it could block it

  2. check if he isn’t locked

  3. Don’t ascend him, it’s a waste, his 5 stars version is much better.

I was going to say that it tells you if the character is locked and that you need to unlock it to ascend

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