Unable to access my account


I am unable to access my account. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, did a hard reset on my phone and just get a message that my account had a newer version of the game than I have access to. Scopely’s reply? Wait until the next update. Seriously? I have played for over 2 years, spent a LOT of time and money, and this is their suggestion. I think I know what the issue is, I meant to unsubscribe to notification from the beta group on google+, but actually removed myself from the group by mistake. I have asked to rejoin, no response, I have sent feedback, I have sent numerous emails to Scopely, they are now telling me to contact the beta group, but I can’t because I am not in the group. They are telling me there is nothing they can do. Anyone else had this problem? And if so, did you ever get it fixed? I have lost my prestige run and my daily coins for 4 days!


Do you have a screen shot of your actual account code? If so then just start a new game and then contact support and tell them that the Facebook link doesnt work, then paste the screen shot into support and ask them to link this account code thats yours to my new device.


Or if you purchased something in the game, just show them the receipt and they should be able to transfer to new device without Facebook


I once had to switch phones and it was a huge ordeal.

Scopely wouldn’t budge. I gave them my name, faction, region, level, etc.

I had members write in for me telling them who I was and needed to log in (raid tourney was going on)

Scopely gave no fucks lol

It wasn’t until I was lucky enough to log into my old phone and grab my account code until Scopely FINALLY gave me access to my old account.

So moral of the story: have your account number on-hand.


Yeah i’ve had this after updates when switching devices. Updating on the device on which this error occured would fix it for me. In your case, i have no idea how to fix it if you are on the latest version…


It sounds like you’ve forced a beta update onto a device not running beta, possibly logging in to someone else’s account on device. Don’t mess about when you are beta. It’s a headache to fix. I’ll find my solution as i posted somewhere else