"Un-nerf" Wanderer

This is the original Wanderer at release, very very mediocre damage, low defense, bad active skill but very good debuff. -60% attack and defense to all strong and alert enemies is really good. But apparently it was too good for F2P and it got nerfed soon after release to only 3 enemies get debuff.

This is how he is now and he has been so irrelevant since that nerf that happened more than a year ago. With the current state of F2P attack teams and them trying to take on these alert and strong toons like Olivia, Negan, Mia etc, a buff back to the original Wanderer would give F2P something that is greatly needed which is a defense debuffer. Having him behind a Michelle lead or just using him as a leader in front of your ranged toons could be really deadly and considering he is a generation 1 toon with an all around “meh” kit, “un-nerfing” Wanderer would only bring great things to the F2P roster. Thanks for reading and I really hope that Scopely considers implementing this change.


I don’t think it would make a big difference


It would because right now for example if guardian shields block the damage the toons won’t get the debuff but if it gets changed back I am pretty sure that the debuff gets applied no matter what (As long as they don’t have resist mods ofc)


I’m still feeling pretty OP.

But I am happy you want to increase my value.

As your #PlayerCM this brings me great joy.



No new troll posts from you? This just makes me sad

id vendor @Wanderer if i could

It’s a great idea but I’m stuck in “the end is near” faction. I doubt they’ll spend ANY money for something like this. If they would, they might also release some fun ascendable legacy toons. I think they’re actually pretty close to turning it all off though.

Yes, please buff an irrelevant Gen 1 six star who is about to become even more irrelevant in the seven star/class era


That not gonna happen. It may make a f2p toon situational OP which is bad for p2w players. So big no no by the books. XD

impossible to happen

Trying to be optimistic in these dark times

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