Umm what is these cards

image Isn’t it supposed to be buttons?


Now you see them, and now you don’t!


Oh they fixed it good

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Fixed it? Changing it to the toons face is way better than using stupid buttons. This way at a glance you know exactly who the cards are for instead of having to memorize what dumb random icon goes to which s-class toon.

What are they doing over there? Just massive incompetence across the board all the time.

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lol why you guys always complain about small things ?

For a plethora of reasons:

  • It’s fun :laughing:
  • It passes time while we wait for a match to start :grimacing:
  • It pisses others off :wink:
  • Nothing good to watch :tv:
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Because all the small things add up and it’s annoying how incompetent they are.

LMAO (7 characters)

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