Um what kind of map is this!

Im looking at this like this is for whales only. I can already tell from seeing S11 an S class team is required with only 10mins to spare. I haven’t and will not attempt to do the math but a least 10 cans are required to complete this…in 10 MINUTES…and u only get 150 collectables smh…not worth it in my opinion go for wheel only if u are low on cans like me the average f2p person

It was as advertised. There is a hard map. Check the in game new event tab on left of screen in game.

Cant complete 3 acts and all those stages in 10 min whale or not wtf scopely

Rip off map

I think that it has been reported to be 22 levels, top teams are S15. It takes 18 refills without a failure and the whales are reporting that it takes at least three opens to finish (meaning 90 balloons).

I’d only do this one if you’ve finished all of the other maps, have Michonne and are wondering what to do with all of your extra balloons and all of those cans.

If cans are not an issue (some people have several hundred stockpiled looking for a good use) and you have really strong teams, it’s probably more efficient than the wheel. Even if it takes 4 opens that’s 120 balloons, minus the 25 you get back, so 95 for 150 collectibles of your choice. Assuming an average of maybe 8-9 per pull from the wheel (including the boxes), you get 70 for 100 balloons, so the X map gives you about 50 percent more. less variance, and more control over what you get.

I have a decent stockpile of cans but not that many (only about 230 left) and no s-class toons, so it’s probably not worth it for me.

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22 stages. (6+8+8)
If you complete each round in under 27.3 seconds. You win

If only one round takes 28 seconds or if there is a level with two rounds… You fail.

How much do you trust scopes devs?

it takes 826 power to complete everything…
I have 92 maximum energy, I need 9 red gallons…

If you have 800 saved up, being able to trade 9 of them for a collectible box might be worth it. If not, no reason to play it.

[ETA] The basic 2h Michonne maps are some of the best in recent memory. I might have played them all even if they didn’t have collectibles in the wheel.

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