Um redo the calendar

This week is crap. Solo level up, solo survival road, solo level up again, and territories for the faction event? Y’all aren’t even trying anymore. Rethink it. Where is the competition? Another crap week by scopely. Thanks again!


Transfers are happening this whole week through next Wednesday. That is why they are only having solo events

Level up and territory isn’t even an event… weeks of this garbage already


What would you like to see while transfers are going? Im not being rude. Just wondering. Bc they screw stuff up without transfers. They can’t walk and chew bubble gum without falling. I’m taking the easy week gladly. With the 2 nightmare events back to back, I need the break. Lol.

Nobody pays attention to anything they just flip out and start complaining. Transfers are going to happen this week so yeah do some faction events so nobody can transfer makes perfect sense

Raid would be Nice maybe even 2 of them.

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This has been the calendar last few weeks that there has not been a war. You kidding me?

They could do solo sr & raids this weekend in lieu of territories :roll_eyes:

Err I mean territory event

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There hasn’t been a raid event for a while. A full weekend with just a territory event is lazy and not to mention boring. What happened to running events like raid, SR, hordes alongside level ups like they used to midweek. Level up isn’t much of an event as it doesn’t take much to do.

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So what was their reason last week? They have been slowing down on tournaments the last few weeks. Just a bunch of level ups with one tournament on Wednesday. Borrrring.


This is just a random idea.

Couple of weeks back, there was a long survey about events and event lengths. I selected the various “too short” options for events that were particularly short, like the various 24h (and similar) variants, and I would assume others did the same.

All the events recently have been long events. That makes it much easier to hit the final milestone, or any particular milestone if you don’t want to go all the way. Therefore, to keep the average rewards the same, they have to run fewer events. Downside for the players is, of course, that this is boring, and sort of defeats the purpose of longer events, which is getting more stuff more easily.

Yea I mean, there’s no reason they can’t run longer level ups and keep the Monday night event. There was always a level up starting after war and then an event on Monday starting at 8 EST.

As if the gear shortage for most players isn’t bad enough, now there are less tournaments to get league tokens.

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I still don’t know why we ask for stuff or changes cause they just don’t listen.

Yea, they should really just shut down the forum and community their posts in the game. This forum is a useless.

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There is, if they don’t want to increase the amount of rewards for the same effort. I’m pretty sure that Scopely track these kinds of things closely and do modifications based on that.

Longer levelups make it easier to hit any milestone with less effort. For example, I’m mostly preparing and quite unwilling to use prime point givers, like T4L1 or 6* T3L1 - these can be used to actually win, which is the only thing that matters now. With the long duration of levelups, I can get 2M easily, maybe even the 2.5 or 3M milestones just getting toons into this state (and squeezing the last remaining points out of used-up toons). That’s a lot more gear and league tokens than I would get usually.

If you run the same amount of tournaments, but make them longer, you increase the absolute amount of rewards (unless you’re the type of player that hits all milestones no matter what, and those players get to conserve resources). If they don’t want that, the only option is to reduce the rewards, or to reduce the amount of tournaments (or, well, to increase the milestones, but that’s effectively similar to reducing rewards).

Now, whether they should give out more rewards in general is another discussion. The only thing that I wanted to suggest is that the reason for fewer events might be to compensate for them being longer, and therefore easier.

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