Ultra Rare Roadmap missing

Once again ultra gear map is missing… not that I thought it would be

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely,

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Didnt they post something about roadmap schedule a couple days ago? It might have changed

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Pretty sure its Tuesday…

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Ultra rare is always a Tuesday…

@JB.Scopely anything ?

They are busy hiding, 1) they prob feel stupid for allowing that bug to be a thing and 2) they are scambling around, busy in meetings right now trying to figure out the least damaging path to take and still make investors and share holders happy

JB will show up soon on one of his alt accounts to do damage control

Also dont worry about the gear roadmap, theres like 50 offers right now :smirk: :roll_eyes:

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Not even such simple things they get done. Strange, isn’t it?

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Whoever pushes the button probably got fired this morning

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I doubt this, and I suppose these small things are just distractions. Distracting from real issues.

I could definitely see someone losing their job over this cuz it was a major mistake. But as for the urg map, I doubt that’s on anyone’s mind at Scopely hq right now

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely again one of the gear roadmap is missing. It’s always happening while the offers keep on increasing. Is it a way to deprive us of gear and buy offers out of desperation, sorry to break this bad news to you, not gonna happen. The amount of clusterfucks in this game lately!
Its only 13 hours before roadmaps reset.


This is due to then revamping the roadmap schedule and by that I mean releasing the same half baked schedule in 2 months but blaming that for the mix up

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They may acknowledge the UR gear map is missing in an hour or two, and then after it would have expired, and Wednesday’s road map begins they’ll come and claim they’ve fixed it and everything is perfectly fine now… Smh

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@callie Yes the ultra gear has been missing yesterday and therefore pushed for today alongside the Food run one.


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