Ultra rare gear road map please!


@kalishane We are in desperate need of the farmable ultra rare gear road map. I can’t upgrade my characters or compete in level ups due to only being able to get 1 piece of gear per day. Please bring back the ultra rare gear road map. @kalishane


Who is “we”? lol


Most players.


Oh, “most”. Run a survey did ya?


lol so you mean that you like the new map?


I don’t see an issue with the new map. I think most complain about any change. The new map creates less roadbloacks than the old map since we only got it every 3 weeks - a month. Except for the short time we got it every other week.


Me too. Like most others


Well, surprisingly, I’m not one of the people who complain about everything. But this map is just stupid. We can’t farm it, takes a lot of energy to finish it and yeah, I haven’t run a survey but most people I talked with about it, don’t like it.


The problem with the new gearmaps – well documented elsewhere – is that they aren’t farmable.

What use are 5 walkies/beanies/flaks/school bags a week when you haven’t got 4/6x scopes/nightvision goggles etc…


Wanting the map and needing the map are 2 quite different things. :wink:

I believe that is also the thread with multiple screenshots of 50+ of each gear while complaining that they might run out.


lol unknown you crack me up


I understand it isn’t farmable but it is every weekday. Are you out of gear?


Do most of them complain in general? :wink:


I am here to entertain. Not easy to be positive in a sea of negativity.


Yes this new map is ridiculous, we need to be able to farm for specific gear… no extra drops… it’s like they are seriously trying to kill this game… it’s absurdly insane, I just don’t understand them at all!!!
Hit the reset button Scopely!!!


Nope, not really.


Are you out of gear?


That is surprising. Are they out of gear?


Not yet, but only because I farmed the last of ‘classic’ gear maps to keep me well stocked!

I wont have enough gear to level Wyatt once/if I ascend him to 6*, I’d have to wait weeks to get him to t3


lol what’s your point? And idk what is going on in everyone’s inventory