Ultra Rare Gear Maps

If we could get a farmable ultra gear map that would be great you know , kinda hard keep upgrading and levelin without it and that “daily gear map ” you’re giving us isn’t helping to be honest and now it’s even gone , nice .



yeah how i suppose to put some points in solos and faction tourneys if i dont have the gear needed, i get it that you guys @kalishane need some profit but we want gear.

look at this, how can i work with this if half of my 5* are hunters … do i need 5 weeks of this stressful gear map to get them to tier 4, and what about if i want to ascend Tyresse and get him to t3, anothers 2 weeks more?

Please give us the farmeable gear map


The big issue is they gave us exactly what we needed, more walkies and bags (Yes this was actually mentioned repeatedly), however, they have now starved us in other, more prominant fashions. And with no world E cans its even more killer.

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It’s only those with an unbalanced roster or a 6* addiction that are short on gear. Is that the point?

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Im f2p, I have the items left for 4 more 6* to ascend, but the gear starving has me unable to make any more 5* t4s, or to ascend past t1 6* and, due to a lack of food and options, i have disregarded the gear for the Marks.

. I just recently broke down and got some world e cans to ensure getting gear now but the damage is really long and extensive.

More school bags than goggles wtf

If I only understood how you make money from that.
@kalishane can you please elaborate on the rationale behind this?

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This was the worst thing the game has ever done. We asked for more maps and this is your sick idea of more maps?? There is a daily thread on this topic and it keeps being ignored. I can’t believe the customer service with this company. Just acknowledge the topic already please. @kalishane


Problem is…they JUST changed it…scopely’s gonna adopt this for at least 3 months and see how they can best monotize/monopolize it to their profit.

Hence why World E drops in war are also M.I.A

I agreed with OP.

@kalishane did address this on a post last week… Don’t remember which one but she basically said she will keep letting the team know and taking it to them… Hopefully something comes out it. I need those maps myself

They should just make reward for each stage 6 of each item instead of one so if you complete the map 6 googles 6 shields…etc and one each bag walkie.

It wouldn’t be sooooo terrible if there was a bag drop every run. If though it would be terrible for rng… but at the current drop rate it’s horrrrible

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You are right beed doing that map like 12-14 days and not a single bag for extra drop

I made the same thread about 2 weeks ago and tagged @kalishane daily and took her 11 days to basically say “took it to the team” they are punishing us for making them keep promises by providing a daily gear map 4x week that isn’t farmable cost 16 energy for hiking boots, and also taking away our world energy cans from war so that we have to buy them or have no gear. Also adding in road maps we need for ascension medals and death event. Player first attitude at its finest.

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They literally replaced the stranglehold on gear from walkies and bags , to trait specific items,

There is no point in pretending you are listening to player feedback in wanting more availability of gear if you simply remove one bottleneck but put in another to replace it


I e done the new style gear map 3 times, never had a bag drop. I need 9 long coats, 2 NVG & a few Scopes. This new gear map is an abomination. A complete slap to the face to ANY player that wants to compete. I can ascend a couple more toons includin Sandy, but there is no friggen point as I lack gear. Pull the bloody finger out Scopely!!!

Ps where the hell is the legendary gear maps also!?

They even ignoring the bruh Sergio’s tweets lol