Ultra Rare Gear Map Today?


Are we actually going to get one or are they going to back peddle on this too?


I think they forgot


Fac lvl up ? - Change without any word…
Ultra Gear Map - A lot of post without any develops answer, maybe in next month
Fac SR - More than month but solo lu and sr is better than fac…



Yes I know but it’s still yet to shoe up and go hasn’t said anything about it. Only the faction lvl up that changed to ANOTHER solo.


Things go really really wrong these days at scopely HQ. Have you also noticed that forums has become quite when looking at DevTracker during weekends although @kalishane promised to show up during weekends. Well it doesn’t surprise me at all. I just hope she has realized how bad this company performance and takes her consequences out of it (just run as fast as you can)

I don’t believe it’s kalishanes fault about wrong calls. I’m sure she just tells us what LiveOps tell her. But LiveOps simply don’t take her for real or they don’t care about CMs opinion (which means they give a sh*t about our opinion as well)

What a damn bad company. This game just becomes every day worse and worse


While it isn’t her fault. I do find it funny how she picks and chooses what to respond to. Always quick to respond to something that doesn’t really have anything to do with the game or it’s issues but has all the time in the world to post in threads like the costume contest.


Gear map? What is that? why do we need that?
Ow lol because of the repeated level up events because 5☆ are useless and need to level up our ascendable toons to make them 6☆ and need gear again.
And scopley when your busy preparing our
Gearmaps pls give us some food and survivors or maps where we can farm them


Well how would you behave? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for you to respond to games stuff and just realizing everything what you have said is changed without letting her know?

I personally would feel useless af.


On a positive note today isn’t over yet for me anyways however I am not expecting this to happen. I would prefer the gear map after war anyways so I have time to fully farm it


Not happening - vk datamined the solo level up with horrible rewards yet again and no sign of an ultra rare gear map - what they meant is they will have ultra rare gear offers bombarding us on Sunday. Yet again another whiff on scopely- must be a “display issue” preventing the gear map :joy::fu:t2:


It’s what she gets paid for.


Would you like to work in a company where no one takes you serious? I don’t.


Uh… um the uh gear map???


Gearmap isn’t part of their vocabulary anymore. It’s all about those offers you know because 2 farmable lilths are a good deal at 50$. " sarcasm "


It seems like the forums, and the game, are left in limbo over the weekend.

The forum MODs and Leaders aren’t even around!

Its been a duplicate topic snarl fest free for all.


Feel kinda sorry for Kalishane… the amount of bitchy threads she’ll have to go thru on Monday…


I’ll guess the road map pops after war. Will still be Sunday for Scopely hq


Just not sure I can stay awake