Ultra Rare gear map missing

4pm , elite and ascendance maps have gone, workshop is up yet no ultra gear map.

What give’s @JB.Scopely


For me…that map won’t b up for another 3 hours if at all.

I just noticed this I need a ultra gear map scopely come on!

its not the first time this exact roadmap has gone missing

and its exactly the one i need. fed up of paying for the walkies in league shop

This is being checked, thanks for the heads up!

Do you start these maps manually? I mean is this for real that every other week some roadmaps disappear for no reason?

You also need to check out the missing legendary gear map. It has been missing since it had been announced over a year ago.

Thanks in advance.


Odd thing is it’s on my mini account

So why is ultra map available to some but not others. Here it is on my mini account

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and here it is missing for me lol

It’s up now

Not for me lol, even restarted - hopefully it arrives in next few mins :confused:

It should yes, as it currently propagates across regions

Thanks Jb, what’s causing this issue with roadmaps? It seems to be happening with erring regularity recently

Showed up right on time…I think.

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Cant we have the extra 2 hours we missed on the map?

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