Ultra rare gear map missing?

@JB.Scopely did someone forget to start the weekly ultra rare gear map? Normally it pops as soon as elite finishes I believe.


Gear locked is getting real!

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Well, I guess all the people complaining about too many roadmaps on Thursdays can be quiet this week. :confounded:

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I just want the ultra gear map and the Thursday gear map, these are things that everyone needs

Its simple a couple looks through the general population sees that people can still manage to build up stocks of gear to an extent and we cant have that…

A “mistake” im sure. But even f2p especially with the strangle hold they have had on ascendance medals would be able to stock up some gear.

Sure due to how random it is i might have 50 scopes and only 5 holsters or 40 shields and 3 briefcases but especially when you cant use half or more of them natually if you run the maps even with natural energy you will get a stock.

So something that should just be a built in setting that noone even has to turn on or make sure its running somehow doesnt show up this week.

All good nothing to see here people!

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I think JB is off today or he’s been in meetings or something. @Shawn.Scopely can you help us?

same here, no ultra rare gear map. last week it was the weapon parts…

This is the main reason i dont do pulls so hard getting gear…now no gear map pfft

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Maybe they are gonna have it and weapons on a dfferent day crosses fingers

Next week the elite gear will be gone. It’s all being replaced with offers and stashes

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I wish they would go ahead an take the gear maps away that would make it real easy to walk away.

They’re up now

I fixed it for you

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