Ultra Rare Gear Map Broken

Dear Scopely,

Your Ultra Rare Gear Roadmap bag is broken. There are no arrows or feathers in there. Please fix.


An Opportunist


What gear roadmaps? There aren’t any up.

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@Kanaima :wink:

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Post delay? Cause I’m waiting for ultra rare gear map and none is up

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How about you address the elephant in the room already, GR?

Seeing as there is only the Food map up today, can we get the Ultra Rare Gear map since it got taken down yesterday? Some of us would like to farm gear.

@GR.Scopely can you push to make it happen?


I’m saying i literally had to pull a xp scav with a 6* max tier 1 cause i was missing a school bag and didn’t wanna coin the league store again. They messed the map up and didn’t even offer an apology or anything wtaf

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What exactly is he supposed to address? He has no control on what is decided, he can only relay & by the time scopely opens GR is usually out for the day. Here I will address it, holy cow we had a wrong roadmap up and we gave away stuff for free. GR doesnt decide on comps & surely cannot divulge anything until its ok’d.

They won’t address it. They’ll just sit there and mock everyone who missed out and do nothing about it. I had to spend coins to get some quills to aid in completing some of the missions and others just get them for free. It’s great right?

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I don’t really care what GR can and can’t do. I want this addressed period.

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This is a fair point. Not even a “the team are reviewing and we’ll update you shortly on how we’re going to make the game fairer for those who didn’t get to take massive advantage of this”.

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