*Ultimate War Poll*


What kind of war do you prefer?

  • All out war
  • Blitz War
  • CRW

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What would you like as top rewards in war?

  • Ascendable Epics
  • Epic Tokens
  • Original Epic Characters like always
  • Other (please specify)

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How long should war last (non blitz)

  • 48h
  • 60h
  • 72h
  • Other (Specify)

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What time zone do you prefer war start in?

  • USA
  • European
  • Other

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What change(s) do you want most in war? Multiple choice:

  • Remove basic tokens from war crates
  • Modify start times to suit most players
  • Remove epic tokens as top rewards
  • Better milestones
  • Revamp rank rewards based on region activity
  • Individual War (random teams)
  • Other (Specify)

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In cross regional war, would you rather be 3 regions or 8?

  • 3 regions
  • 8 regions
  • Other

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Are you currently satisfied with how war is handled? Multiple choice

  • All out war - satisfied
  • All out war - unsatisfied
  • Blitz War - satisfied
  • Blitz War - unsatisfied
  • CRW - satisfied
  • CRW - unsatisfied

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Thank you for voting and share with your faction members so scopley can take note.


I put other in timezone because i think we should start everything based on utc. The rewards for CRW are a shame. I cannot believe that they give such abysmal rewards for their premier event.


Not much difference between CRW and AOW in my opinion. Pretty much the same rewards and the usual hard to easy fights. I do prefer CRW more though.


Please SPECIFY @Verdeiwsp


I would like top rewards in war to be “original epic characters like always”, but because unascendable characters are now completely useless, I’m forced to choose ascendable as reward.

Chose “other” for the question: What change(s) do you want most in war? Multiple choice: because a matchmaking system where the top 2 factions from each region barely match with each other is completely ridiculous. No?

Imo it doesn’t matter how many regions in a war if the matchmaking is broken.


Every post I’ve seen him make about war was about how much he hates it and doesn’t want it at all. Guessing that’s what his other vote means.


I took a look at poll results. 53% prefers CRW. It’s weird but I respect it. But then 80% of voters state they’re unsatisfied with CRW. Hmmmmm. Scopely will need to keep tinkering to get it right then. Also I’m glad you guys agree with removing basic tokens from crates


Basic tokens are awful. They need to be removed from war crates immediately, if they keep them in the game at all they should at least switch the 1 star stuff odds with the 2 star stuff odds. That 1 star stuff is just trash at this point in the game.


Sometimes, it helps to stack them up and blow them all in one fell swoop. Got some 3⭐ stuff including Darius’ Gun for once. But I wish I had another Mitchell’s SMG.


I wouldn’t mind crap tokens aka basic tokens if they took out all the 1 n 2* weapons the toons I don’t mind for ar reasons


But really I don’t know how many of them I have I know it’s got to be at least 2k out them


The 1 star toons were useful in the 5 star era to level ars but since they can’t do that for 6 stars and 5 stars are mostly unusable I would prefer just 2 and 3 star characters and 3 star weapons in the basic tokens wheel.


Also if u ask support they can tell you exactly how many you have if you really want to know.


That is true 1* are worthless take them out I barely come across a 5* I’m going to max out and keep


Healers or crit boost ar toons that’s about it


Yea when I have a 5 star i want to use for sr or something I just buy the ar trainers for that persona from the depot if I can’t get all the levels with 2 stars by the time the toon is close to max.


I’m cheap with my sp 5* trainers that’s about it and waiting to get stun zeke from there on extreme sale I’m not paying 55k for garbage once I get him his 6* food


Number of regions need to be reduced or the prizes need to be better for the farther you go down. Too many try hard spend endless money factions to compete with for top 10


These are some interesting numbers and choices. I think this is good for scopely to interact to see what we players want the most!


Choices are limited

I vote for some

Yet not satisfy with the poll

Not creative and not truly open for ideas