ULTIMATE RAIDING GUIDE ep: 1 LYDIA - The Walking Dead: Road to Survival



Good vid but your F2P weights heavily on Bruce(disarm) or Alpha(decap) & (Marlon?!)

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In video i say that first 2 teams are complete free to play. then i setup 2 mix of free to play and premium. and last one (with camila,marlon) is what i use.
so that everyone can find something useful in a video, depending on what their roster is.
If it was unclear,it will get better in the future episodes :slightly_smiling_face: Or if people will want more teams,
i can do that as well.
thanks for the feedback! :grinning:



Nice vid man, seeing alpha puts me in tears since i cant pull her lol



thank you. Soon i will try to do something without Alpha, unfortunately game has only 2 free decaps and its harder to beat current meta without one

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Yea i use tyrese vs lydia teams slow but gets the job done, got lucky with alice and brought Louis literally Game changing lol

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Shawn can be a replacement for Alpha if you use him in the correct setup, Abe Carson Kate Glenn and shawn should be enough to put down lydia teams

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It’s a nice video… but your f2p team attacked the easiest team. I mean that’s a pretty terrible Lydia team your attacking. And your stunning all the toons without any problem. So while it’s a nice video, it really doesn’t do justice to issues f2p players have.



If rng wants you to lose, you lose as F2P

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No great vid you did a fine job of explaining all your different setups.

And Alpha is 100% free with some super luck. She’s in the 5-star token wheels. That’s how I got her. I was also lucky enough to just pull Bruce from that war stash. I’m gonna go set up a team very similar to your example.

One question why not green Mira over Abe? She gives the same 40% att lead but also gives a 2 turn 50% att to all with her rush.



That accent :joy::joy::joy: I couldn’t watch it

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If you have bruce having crit bonus on leader is much better to keep Disarming more and do much more damage with crit hits especially if you have crit damage mods in that left lower corner



True but I haven’t used Bruce yet. I’m still leveling him up. I do have Louis and I run him with two leads that don’t have crit b. Andrea and r. Mira and the way I set him up he crits and disarms at least 90% of the time.

Back before the dev’s weren’t allowed to speak with us they shared that stacking crit has diminishing returns i.e. no way to get it to 100%. So having a weapon, lead, rush, and mod are overkill. I find that any two of the possible 4 get the job done.

I will give both setups a shot but I still think the 50% attack to all is way better than what Abe’s rush gives. I also have Anna and she hits like a truck and has taunt just like Romanoff whom I do not have.

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because kate gives 50% att bonus + focus for 2 turns. glenn, which gives 65% def and att + confuse. Abrahams crit leader skill gives nice extra dmg to all of your toons especially if combined with crit dmg mods. in the end its all about personal preference, I do like
that extra kick that abraham gives with his lead.

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It’s all RNG dependent of course sometimes it goes awfully bad with disarm even though i have crit on weapon, mod and leader but i like the odds stacked on my side rather than against me also part of using Abe is i used to have green kal on the same team



yes anna was also one of the toons i took in consideration but wasnt sure how many people have her.
i can do even more in depth video regarding @Rickygrimes comment, with extra toons involved and more versions of lydia teams, and btw every stun resist mod on them was over 50%
but as i said in the video…with f2p toons you depend on luck,if u have no luck you most likely will fail a raid.
thanks for all the feedback guys



I use mira lead instead of abe for her 50% attack rush and her 40% hp lead making my team a last a little longerb i dont have bruce tho but would prob slap a crit mod on him and give him a crit stun weapon like zekes cane or negans lucille. My lydia killing team is mira lead, alpha, viktor, kal, naya

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Yeah there are many ways to bring down different teams.

One thing is crystal clear. I can vouch that having a disarm helps tremendously. Pulling Louis was a godsend and I’m sure Bruce will be just as nice for my melee setups.

Thanks for the tips, everyone.



any disarm is good disarm! :joy:
yeah bruce carried my ass so many times lol.