Ultimate Gear Roadmap Issue

Unable to farm the Ultimate Gear Map?

You do realize we need multiple items to upgrade a character & obtaining one item from each stage doesn’t cut it.

What the flying frickety fuck is going on?


Haven’t seen you on here in a while. Took a vacation? Lol. You missed out on a couple of… interesting changes.


You must of recently joined, we’ve already vented for weeks to no avail, at first you had to unlock each one, one by one, from left to right, now we can at least pick which one of the 3 maps we want to tackle… so its improving…

It is an improvement to how they’ve been doing ot lately. We had to start feom the first map and make our way to the third. Now you can start on the third stage of youd like. That sir is an improvement. Definitly not better than just being able to farm the one, but an improvement on their fuck up nonetheless


Tense in here eh

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I am guaranteed 4 of each gear weekly (all 3 maps if I wanted) but mostly do the last one for free energy. Starting to sell bags and walkies for food.

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The roadmap is available five times a week. That and there’s the Gear Depot offering different gears daily. There use to be a time where I had to decide which toons to upgrade because I was limited in gear. Flak Jackets and Beanies were just as rare. Now I can get them easily and stock up.

lmao no one going pay 1k+ for one bit of gear every 24hs…

With all the stockpiled gear I get from farming and overall playing, I’m quite surprised. I never seem to be short on markers.