Ultimate Gear Roadmap 2.0


Hello everyone!

Today was the beginning of the revamped Ultimate Gear Map as promised!

What’s Changed?

This Gear Map will run 10AM Sunday - 10AM Friday and will reset at 10AM PT each of those days.

With this new, Ultimate Gear Map there will now be a chance to obtain everything from the prior Ultimate Gear Roadmap and more!

Blue Bag:

School Bag
Army Walkie Talkie
Nightvision Goggles
Police Shield
Belt w/ Holster
Long Coat

Red Bag:

Wool Beanie
Flak Jacket
Weathered Journal
Topographic Map
Gas Mask
Camp Stove
Waist Toolpack

The energy cost per stage is now 16 across the board and there is always a chance to drop bags of items above through playing these stages!

Please let us know your thoughts below, we’re interested to know any suggestions or feedback you have.

Thank you everyone!

Gear map is gone?
Yay or nay on the update
No premiere wheel?
Where’s the weekly gear map?


Where is legendary gear?

Why did they change this?


The gear map is a joke, it’s not worth farming. If I want shirts and gloves I’ll farm 7.1 or thursdays gear map


you guys are always changing things that dont need to be changed…


Why can’t it just have drops like normal? This new format uses a lot more energy trying to get bags that are just random instead of letting us farm specific stages for the gear we need (ie only farming for briefcases or scopes on their specific stages). I like the lowered cost of the 5* gear and that it’s much more frequent, but that’s about it :confused:


Can you please provide the feedback showing where the players requested a change to gear map drops? Or was this what “the data” showed we wanted?


This is a horrible, horrible idea. Yall knew that already tho


Same data that showed players wanted a 6* buff to make their entire roster of 5*s useless.


So a limit of 5 of each gear type per week, plus an infinitesimal chance for a bag to drop that includes a fraction of a percentage of a chance at an additional piece.

Who thought this was a good idea? The old map was fine, it just needed to be more frequent. This isn’t better. It’s good for walkies and schoolbags but absolutely terrible for everything else. What is the logic here, @kalishane? Please tell me your thoughts on this.


This new gear map system is a joke. No one wants it this way


It’s a new type of layered RNG where the 1st layer is actually getting the bag to drop and the 2nd layer is hoping you get a piece of gear you need.


Will the other gear maps still be coming with the same frequency, seemed to be one every other week. Or will this replace those completely now?


HATE it. It’s making it way more complicated than it needs to be!!

-Elite from Sunday through midday Wednesday
-Ultra Rare from midday Wednesday through Saturday

It’s an easy concept but Scopely ofc has to find a way to make it more complicated and more frustrating. Now good luck farming trait specific gear!


Actually this is a great question. @kalishane

If this roadmap is here to stay in addition to the dedicated roadmaps that we are use to then there’s no trouble here. HOWEVER, if this is a replacement for all gear maps carte blanche then we have a problem here.


So what if a player needs a scope, they have to do the entire map six days on the row to get six of them? That’s an insane amount of energy.
Having this daily is a good idea but each part should be open rather than having to do the section before to unlock the next and the silly rng bags need to go and have designated drops for each stage


It’s in the same folder they got the “feedback” where we the players requested that 6* got a massive stats buff


6 bags, 6 walkies and 6 scopes. everyone will end up with an abundance of bags and walkies


It takes 18 scopes to level an ascendable 5* soldier and then level its 6* counterpart. With this new map format, that’s 16 energy times 15 stages = 240 energy every day for 18 weekdays (3.5 weeks). And remember, 3 of the 5 weekdays are XP map and shirts/gloves map days, so I hope you weren’t planning on farming those, too.

3 part gear map and drop rates discussion


Sighs, what are you doing to us? I don’t need to say much just see the comments above mine.