Ultimate gear map?


Excuse me, but have you found legendary roadmap somewhere? It’s been ages


Indeed i have been asking this everywhere around a month but no response at all. @kalishane


Because you have offers, buy gear if needed lol :joy: spend, give your money to scopely, and enjoy lol



What happened to the other 12 hour ultra map???


You have elite gear map up


Just a shame the much needed beanie and flack jacket drop rate is nothing :-/. Would say I’d buy them but there are no offers for them or thay are complete rip offs :frowning:


@Kalishane can we get the 12hr ultra map up when this elite map ends please?


Fuck ultra map, I want legendary gears, greedy af


ULTIMATE…we want ULTIMATE. It’s shameful that the community has to continue to beg for gear maps.



I used to say they should hold off on tier 4 gear for 6s…but with the power buff to 6s…there’s no point.

May as well let Loose.

Should have reserved that stupid decision.


Just out of interest what drop leads are you running. I’m using yellow rick all my faction has is 4 star yellow JESUS as were a low rank faction with a lot of new players.


Do you guys have the mission that rewards beanies and flack jackets? I run them every time they pop and have nearly 40 of each in reserve.


I’m working on that now on heavy metal gold mission how far do I need to go with golds to get it plus do I need to be p10 to get the mission.