Ultimate gear map


What has happened to the ultimate gear map? I know there is an elite gear map up but that is not enough…I promise you…if you take away the ultimate gear map with the absurd amount of level ups we get…this game will die…no one wants to go back to having a bunch of tier 2 5 stars… Do not please do not take away that map!


I’m pretty sure it should be back in about 6-4 hours don’t know the normal time.


Mine never showed up yesterday!


That’s true it might just be replaced for today. As said I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya I was kind of hoping someone that did know might reply…lol


Haha I guess you just have to wait and see :slight_smile:


Everyone complained and said how they hate the ultimate gear map so they listened and they took it away from us.

Problem solved :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There better be an ultra gear type map today like his elite map. If it’s another elite map… there will be no words.


I never complained…and since when does scopely listen to us?


They listen all the time. They rarely give us what the majority ask for. Those are two completely different things.

You’re in the minority. There are hundreds if not a thousand posts asking for the return of the farmable gear maps on this board.


Cross posting this for visibility and to hope for a response…

What’s the end game here @Kalishane ? If it’s to frustrate annoy and further push people toward the exit the company are heading the right way about it. This isn’t a dig at you in any way shape or form but as our CM you seem the best placed for this to be directed to and for the feedback to be taken onboard

Constant unwarranted or unwanted changes that haven’t been requested.

A lack of communication regarding said changes.

A community telling you unequivocally we won’t purchase this gear but then a continued strangle hold on said gear

100s of levelups despite recognising that we don’t like so many level ups.

At least the ultimate map which most of us disliked in current format was daily even if it didn’t meet needs, now we don’t even have that

This last week has been a clusterfudge of epic proportions but the silence has been deafening

Fully expect this to be ignored, removed and me to be on another vacation when I wake up tomorrow.

Would be most disappointed by that as all we want is answers as to the direction the game is trying to be pushed


I complained about the ultimate gear map being the only map. I wanted ultimate gear map to continue as is AND get the farmable maps back once every other week. So elite 2 times a month and ultra 2 times a month. That would be the perfect solution which means it’ll never happen. Hope we get one or the other at least and not this new bs.


This would be the perfect solution but we both know it’s never gonna happen.

I also think the ultimate gear map should be all 7 days of the week. Why take it away every weekend when there is almost never anything else going on with the roadmap? Such a poor decision.


It’s all part of the plan.


The big question for me is what happened to the shopping roadmap… @kalishane you seemed to have change a lot of things around with daily roadmaps so could we please get some more informations on this and the actual planning?



Well, then I’m just gonna join Carl up on that roof and see if he will share some of that pudding with me while we wait for them to figure out this “plan” of theirs.


It was a joker from the dark knight movie reference. :joy:


Gotcha. Been a while since I’ve seen them.

I just like pudding. :yum: Carl stop hogging it all.


Hey, I was a fan of it :expressionless:


Ya so now this seems to be the plan… 1 ultra rare gear map and 1 elite gear map once a week that aren’t farmable…they also give you a gear box at the end that had a possibility of the gear in it but the school bag/beanie pulls should be scopley ratios…@kalishane…as the person said before…why are you changing things we’ve never asked for…you’re making this game unplayable and this is the reason people every day are retiring from this game…I mean for crying out loud your main YouTuber justabox has retired … STOP … Think about these changes look on the forums the surveys and the global chat…we tell you what we do and do not want…and myself … I will never ever buy gear…I know this is why this change has been made! We are not dumb…all you care about is our money … But guess what… You can’t have our money if you run us off!