Ultimate Gear Map missing...again

Gone* not gawn

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Yes… The topic with gone in the title had already been taken so I had to change it. . I know how to spell gone

Nothing like 45k coins down the hatch

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Yeah this is BS. People may have been counting on that, as I know I was. Besides, your most recently updated cale calendar says it should’ve popped up yesterday AND today. Nothing here either day.

What’s wrong @kalishane ?

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I think it’s an error. They don’t value anything outside premium wheels, Rbh boxes and p2p tokens so they just don’t remember to do it.
doing what you say you will do is the foundation of any trust relationship. In this instance, automating basic functions would allow them to build trust while pusuining their preferences.

There’s just no benefit in not doing it. Maddening

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I doubt we will get a response either. Just like when scopley wrongly gave a select few the gear they used to ascend Lori (if they fixed for all it would not have been wrong), that thread was shutdown with no response. They also won’t respond to private messages about it.

This game is on life support, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

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A map being late or missing altogether is a weekly occurrence. They’ve only commented a select few times.
I understand subject to change but when it comes to maps that are supposed to be on a weekly rotation, not much should really change.


I agree 100%…they missed 2 days of gear maps this week… They do not care about what we want or need to enjoy our game play… This forum is the perfect embodiment to how you know they don’t care about us and don’t even get me started on the in game support, I’ve been so aggravated at the in game support it’s ridiculous and I’ve never heard of someone that actually got help from there.


I think it changes based on the revenue the prior week. If they have a good week with _______ people making purchases, we get the map. If smart people don’t spend, no map.

I can see that. Just like having map heavy days one day then almost nothing the next day. Spreading them out would benefit the players but why do that if you can profit off of can sales. Though they have tried to balance the schedule a bit recently.

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Don’t worry, we’ll get seven simultaneous roadmaps on Thursday, just like we did last week.


No kind of comment what so ever on this, shame really because they’ve received quite a bit of good will from the community for other things, but this feels sadly like square one.

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No clover map today?


I think I figured it out - there were no Ultimate Gear maps on the very first week of the new gear maps, after switching to the new system. This was almost exactly a month ago, in the third full week of the month. The (regular) events are exactly the same as a month ago - no gear map in the third full week then, no gear map now.

So they’re 3/3 so far this week for not delivering the expected, schedulable roadmaps.


this is just pitiful

I wonder if it’s because Lori is just around the corner and they’ll have an offer for gear for her…

This makes no sense because lori is a citizen and there are very few 5* citizens. I would think most of us have plenty of the gear needed for citizens. I wonder if this has more to do with them being focused on the mods.

No gear map Monday. No gear map Tuesday. No clover map Wednesday. I’m assuming we won’t get that war energy map scheduled for today either.

@kalishane what’s going on? This is messing people up…


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