Ultimate Gear Map missing...again

Is this supposed to be late every week?


This is almost the latest I’ve ever seen it

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You know the plan. Starve them for gear and then hit them up with a “deal”.

The calendar hasn’t been changed since 5/9. Looks like we got hit by another “subject to change” a.k.a. “when we feel like it.”

edit - Second day in a row without the gear map. Level ups make up about 70% of the game. Just how are we supposed to continue to do this crap without the gear and no 99% of us will NEVER pay for gear.


Was it MIA last Monday & they gave us 2 ultimate gear maps on Tuseday?

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2 for 1 and twice the energy hmmm thats odd

Please have a farmable map today to make up for it :slight_smile: @kalishane

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The old farmable map again Just once would be sweet. Now we know the situation I would farm the :poop: out of it lol


Two days without the ultimate gear map? @kalishane can we get compensation for the gear we would be able to get from the roadmap that we never got yesterday? This is just getting upsetting to not get the gear map consistently. People can’t level up toons because we don’t have the gear we need. Starting to feel like it’s not popping up on purpose to starve us and force us to buy the gear bags. :worried:


Second day without this map, just lost the oppy to farm my gear… @kalishane Can you please forward this info ?

Thanks !

This is just plain incompetent…


I genuinely don’t understand why it isn’t automated.


All you have to do is pull for this. Stop complaining!


Yeah no, I’m gonna pass on the pull but thanks.


Farmable Ugm coming??? Please…


The fact that it’s two days in a row makes me think its intended and not accidental.

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Tin foil hat, I know, but gear stash is up and no gear map…

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And they know it so it’s never going to make an appearance again unless someone makes a mistake over there. They tend to do that quite a bit so maybe… :crazy_face:

They really want to force us to accept 1 piece of gear a week and then just dump cans into rng boxes for the rest or worse one of the crappy “deals”. Well, they can take a long walk off a short pier. I run out I stop leveling useless toons.

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So no gear map of any kind today!!! Once again thank you scopely for being there for your customer base and not even giving us the basic needs to play this game! Your again showing us why this game losses players every single day!!!


To you…it’s my opinion…back off!