Ultimate food poll

  • I bought food in the past
  • I buy food regularly
  • I never bought food and i will never buy food no matter what

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I’ve bought food in the past when I first started this game but it’s been over 2 yrs since I bought it. Just wanted to be honest. I also won’t be buying it again.


I think I remember doing that too once. Same thing, long ago.


Why would anyone buy 1 million food for 850 coins… I would rather spend those coins coining all the prestige missions until it comes back up. Maybe that’s scopelys end game. To have players coin their scavs.


5 million* Still not a good deal though


There’s no RNG in food


Hungry right now.But I think u mean the game :wink:


96% as of right now said they never bought food. So then who the hell is? lol

5% as of right now said they did in the past. That’s 101%. I’m no mathematician but something is off here, :grin:


1 person is in 2 spots.


and in case your vegan