UI/X Suggestions Redux

Thanks to @LadyGeek and @TheSurvivor for reminding me to post these up again. @kalishane & @CombatDevIl would love to get your input on these.

I obviously don’t have access to the same assets as the design team so these are rough mockups, but here are some sample quality of life changes I’d love to see made to the game’s UI/X, specifically to the roster/team section.

Specifically I want to see two big changes made here. The first is in the name hierarchy. Some characters have titles attached to them, (Like “All Out War” Shiva) and some don’t (Like Sawyer). Speaking from the standpoint of a professional typographer, the current typographical hierarchy is a flat-out mess. It’s unsightly to browse through. The names should be formatted as seen above, with their actual names all having a uniform size and placement, with the titles above their names, if applicable. It’s much cleaner and easier to browse through. Additionally, and this is the big change I think everyone wants to see here, please add the current AP cost next to their level. While we generally have every toon’s AP cost memorized, it’s just so much nicer to see it displayed there on the card for easy browsing.

Next is some quality of life changes for the team list. I would love for us to be able to create separate pages or tabs for our teams (that we can name at our discretion) so we can start organizing them better. I’m sure people would love to create a Raid Defense and a Raid Offense page, War Teams, Farm Teams, the list goes on. And I would like for Survival Road to have its own dedicated tab. Many of the restrictions for Survival Road stages repeat, so we are constantly having to rebuild the same group of teams for each set of restrictions because we can’t go in with preset teams. It would save a lot of time if we could just save those teams and have them only pop up in Survival Road.


Hire this man.

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These are just a few changes off the top of my head. The game needs a massive UI/X overhaul. But I’d love to hear @kalishane or @CombatDevIl or @Dash’s opinions on these changes first.

I did like the name ordering you propose, much visually enjoyable to check names in that way. xD.

About team organization, it might be an issue for high top players, (I’m a regular one and I don’t struggle with my team management as I don’t have that pool of good characters to choose from lol).


Anyone who does survival road tournaments need large roster of different toons. This would be awesome for this

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I usually do SRT, but I never pass Silver, I’m too weak xD

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U don´t even know how often i have to delete Teams and make new ones… Can´t count it anymore.

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I completly Agree with u with all Points. Same Problems here.

I really don´t have a clue why the team order are based on stats…

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I just think it would be a big quality of life improvement if we could have a separate team page for SR, just because SR has some very specific team requirements but it usually repeats those team requirements (like most players will have a Yellow-only zombie team, a melee human team, so on and so forth) and being able to select and save those teams for future SR runs rather than rebuilding the same group of teams every single time would save us quite a lot of time in the long run.

As for the other changes, I definitely would love to see AP level on the cards like in the first mockup, and a better typographical hierarchy for the names/titles. Just little QoL changes to the UI/X.


There should be definitively a list for

Raid Offensive

Raid Defensive



Scavenger Missions

Well everyone is going to want to customize their tabs differently and I think they should have the freedom to do so. Some people might just have a “Raid” page instead of separating it out into offense and defense, or they might have an “Offense” page that’s meant for all Raid and War teams, or a “Tower” page, etc etc. The only page I think should be dedicated is Survival Road and it should only appear inside Survival Road, otherwise let’s not have it cluttering up the rest of our team tabs. But other than that, I think folks should have the option to organize their teams how they personally see fit.

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Just mean that there should be more then 3 Tabs^^

Oh absolutely. We should be able to add and remove tabs as we see fit, like opening a new tab in a web browser.

Good feedback guys :slight_smile:

We’ve discussed team slot tabs or other similar solutions in the design team, especially lately when we were doing a bunch of internal playtests with various 6 star teams. Unfortunately any such solution isn’t free in terms of the additional backend code logic to support it and the testing for all the various character locks for strongholds and the like in the game, but know that at least some of us are aware of the frustration as a player managing a wide variety of teams and trying to figure out if there’s a solution we can come up with that doesn’t push back more interesting and exciting features.

We semi-recently added the current AP to the in battle popup when you long press on an opponent. It’s definitely a useful stat to keep track of. For that and the name sizing I’ll forward this to the UX team. Might be a tad easier than the other part to implement. Unfortunately there’s always going to be some characters like Greg Fairbanks and Der Gouverneur that make fitting nice big text difficult compared to a roster of characters Glenn, Rick, Bruce, Konrad, etc.


Would appreciate if we would get an answer in the future if this will work or not!

Thanks anyway

I’m a big fan of using ellipses (or bitchdots, if you prefer, everyone has their own term) to truncate super long names. You can see how I dealt with it in the top mockup with the titles “Road to Survi…” etc, and have the full text displayed in their expanded card. But yes, the UX team should definitely take a look at this and see what they can do.

Would like to see the Results again if u finished it properly :smiley:.

Is it really necessary to have the character titles? (road to survival , all out war etc)
Just keep it simple, titles are not essential, but I like the AP idea (users could make teams quicker, especially newbies)

Unfortunately in this case it is because it’s the only method Scopely gives us of immediately differentiating toons of the same name. (There’s a billion Michonnes, for example. Sure you could say Yellow Michonne and Green Michonne…but which Green Michonne? There are many Green Michonnes). We all come up with different monikers for each of course, like Yichonne or Twichonne or Bluchonne, but having an official system to identify which specific toon helps us when Scopely announces, say, a list of upcoming ascendable 6s from legacy 5s by name and title.

What if we could drag and drop teams to organize them as a start? Or move them up and down some other way? I hate that when it’s time for a reorg I have to recreate everything.