Uhhh more quit Let's talk

Have more quit in your region do to these Milestones?


I haven’t seen anyone in my region complain. Personally I like the milestones though.


Imo you weren’t even playing if crappy milestones make you quit. We’ve dealt with this issue of bad milestones how many times before?


Ya good point I haven’t quit.Just look at it as time to do other things.

exactly, when milestones are crap, just enjoy the life around you and come back within 24hrs so you dont lose your login streak.

2 peeps in our faction quit :frowning:

I had a long-standing f2p player quit this morning. Think it was more to do with not being able to beat p2p teams but yes I am seeing people quit.


As this game is all about grinding, if you’re f2p, when the rewards have zero value there’s no point to the grind.


Been trying really hard the last few weeks :joy:
Down about 50% of my gaming. Haven’t completed SR for weeks.
Haven’t bought the 30 day pass for the first time since it was released.
And Been demoted out of the Diamond league.
Meh. Wgaf :smirk:

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I relate to this. I did this when 6* started yet 18 months on I’m still here smh lol

I hope so, consistently one of my fav forum trolls I mean posters :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish you all the best for your IRL adventures :slight_smile:

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The Rank 2 Faction in Crenshaw quit the game last night. Down from 30 members to 4.

I took the app off my phone on the 2nd. The last 8 days have been great. No grinding, no muttering, spending more time with the fam and getting more accomplished at work and around the house. I pop in here just to see what the latest -gate is.


Loads in my region are quitting and are unhappy.
Whales, Dolphins and F2P
Mostly due to last war…it was a disgrace…
Every team was shield and revives.
And we kept getting fed to 1-7th place…way too often.
Wasn’t just the faction I was in.

Scopley don’t care.
All these revives and no rules to get the game under control.
Worst than any stage in the 5* days,
Now another power jump that is purely because they have runout of ideas.
Giving them just as powerful ARs…maybe better ARs…just shortens the life of the jump.
And you can tell there’s not a lot of people working on th4 game now…skeleton crew doing just enough to keep it going.
I believe they are just waiting for the game to die…just keeping it going so they get less pushback when it ends.

Scopley the company and name will be tarnished either way…so not sure what they will tell there investors when there other projects start failing…(seems to me there more likely to take money and run)
They must see that these big company’s that treat customers like crap are starting to feel the push back…there attitude can’t continue if they want to keep the company going.
Wish they would just sell the game to another company who’s prepared to make it work.
Or actually get new management and invest in the game.

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Activity is down in one of our top factions and it seems to have just imploded…
Once one went they all jumped ship…

Players are losing interest and getting frustrated.

Literally went on saw the milestones in our chat, barred a bit in my mouth and wished my faction well and bid them goodbye.

This new system is from Satan itself. It’s rewarding us with things so we can compete in the next event over and over and some people in our community is just too silly to see that it’s a vicious cycle that ends up in us competing but gaining f all. Game isn’t worth even spending time on even more. Eh pubg mobile and brawl stars all weekend long.

P. S. I forgot to mention cause I just read everyone’s posts. I agree 100% with everyone who started going casual on this game. It’s been dictating my life for a while now. Go to bed make sure everything is set. Wake up numerous times to use sr energy, claim weapons etc took my time and soul each time I logged in lol. For the people who don’t mind the milestones etc, good you might not be too addicted to the game because I needed benedicts and gear from milestones and now thetez none. I actually wanna say thank you to scopely for really giving me a reason (and to truly mean) IDGAF.

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As a f2p milestones dont matter to me i only hit them in faction events for minimums , all i care about or what has kept me from quitting is talking with my friends and the competitive aspect of the game. Like ik i can’t beat every team at that moment but i can easily ask a spender in my faction to duplicate a team i struggle with and practice in it all day, ive dived deep in my roster and used toons i thought were complete shit like anna and green eugene. Having no disarm is hard but its all rng anyways. Last war wasn’t even as bad as people make it imo.

in our region i suspect since october last year weve had about 45% leave the game, i think some have region swapped then quit. id say there about 200 odd players actually playing and talking in game right now

400 test tubes that’s it? Takes 200 per stage what a joke.

milestones are not problem i hate that they change rank rewards