Uh.. really Scopely?


$99 for 6 war cans, 4 world energy and some elite item tokens…


WOW lmao. Has to be people buying this sh* or they’re getting desperate :joy:


It’s marketing strategy. This is right next to the war offer for 20 cans and a Benedict for the same price.




All next to eachother

How do the last 2 even make sense both 99$ 1 is clearly way way way way lesser value. And u wonder why we don’t want them popping up every 5 minutes because they are actually insulting our intelligence here.

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We all know what the offers are. What is the point in this thread? Just to moan about the offers? Were you even considering buying them? If not then why post it on the forum? Just to moan right? We all know the offers suck, no need in continuously having different people posting the offers to the forum just to criticize them and to get people rioting. That’s like me walking around the grocery store and looking at the ridiculous prices at things and picking them up and putting them in peoples faces and saying “Look at this shit, can you believe this shit? $15 for 2 lbs. of hamburger meat!? You have got to be kidding me” In other words, we don’t care about the offers, we skip past them, we don’t need to share the offers to the forum. LAME!

Wow complaining about offers is not needed. Scopely provides many different sales for you to take advantage of. You all should stop complaining


It’s actually to point out trash offer that we as consumers have to see pop up on our screen over and over. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. You sound real mad…


If they actually offered good stuff like a complete upgrade to t3 for any 6* character for 5 dollars. you know everyone would jump on that. or 10x walkies and bags for 5 dollars, you know people would buy it. not this gamble trash thth at won’t get you what you want. So we will complain because we are tired of all this petty garbage and chance bags that suck and dont get you what you need to progress. So we will complain.

If they came up with a better con sale then this 9,900 coins for 100 dollars. I would consider buying.

They need to get offers that people actually want. Like 10,000 coins for 20 dollars. <------ How bout we get this one to pop up

or 50,000k coins for 100 dollars. <------Can we get this to come up and a guaranteed 6* toon of our liking. That would be good and it might actually level the playing field for us spenders who got the shaft from the 6* transition.

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The problem is, if they sell 5 bags/walkies for $25, they’ve made 5x their money. If you make everything too cheap, the f2p will remain f2p, the whales will buy 5 if everything, then they won’t get any revenue again for a long time. Cheap coins once every few months would be the exception, because people have a tendency to blow coins once they have them on the account

I highly doubt that. Who doesnt need more walkies/bags? I have been on an amazing drought of walkies, but my school bag stash is 20+ but my walkie count is an abysmal 5. So everytime I would see that I would take it.

If I got 10/10 for example, I wouldn’t need any for months. I’m not leveling anything that isn’t ascendable, because there is no utility to be gained from it. Without ascendable toons, I don’t really have a need for bags/walkies outside of trying to score points for level up milestones to get other gear lol

just a thought man. I know farming sucks on the gear maps so I figured it would be cheaper to just do that then blow your load on cans to farm walkies and bags. but clearly you got your s***. sorted out and the RNG doesnt screw you over like it does me on every chance it gets. Maybe scopely can get money out of me again if they did this for me.

Just a thought

I wish I had it squared away lol. Wasn’t trying to rain on your parade, just explaining it from my perspective. The true solution(in my view) is for them to keep at it with the gear maps. Doesn’t cost anyone money, guarantees a couple a month, and if you want to grind for more you can.

Scopely creates offers that pop up constantly and relentlessly, so why can’t players create threads about it constantly and relentlessly?


Not even just about complaining. I posted it to show the monetary value of 6 war cans, 4 world energy cans, 75k wood and food and tokens. Even the prestige markers are under valued because if you buy 8200 coins for $99, you get 6500 markers. Who ever creates these offers truly don’t have a grip on what the real value of these items are.

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Exactly! !! These offers aren’t just there they pop up in your face during tower grabs, and every time you move from one screen to the other. They constantly shove it in our face so we are doing exactly what they do. The difference is they don’t have to read this we have to look at them because there’s no button to turn them off.

If you don’t like my comment, don’t read it. You sound real angry!

Oh, you again, the guy that “quit” the game. It all sounds goofy to me. I look at it as how I described. Going around a grocery store and grabbing items off the shelf and putting them in peoples faces to complain about the price while they look at you like you’re crazy. You can easily choose to skip over the offers and don’t buy them but you don’t have to complain to the community about how crappy the offers are or how they are a scam or whatever. There is always something new here everyday, but lately it is just more of the same.

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Much like you can choose to skip over my comments and not reply to them, but you don’t have to complain about how I quit, but still on the forums or whatever.