Uh...pleasant surprise

Hmmm…I didn’t know she was in the training grounds. Not bad, at least for level ups.:+1::+1:


lucky all i get is trash.

I like her. She’s probably the best pure healer.

Shame that training ground level is by far the least efficient way of storing survivors

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… and such a hottie! :heart_eyes:

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Yup. Hard to beat Rosita.

What level training ground? Asking for a friend…

Level 20 if I recall correctly.

Cool. :slight_smile:

Shes really good, better on an attack team as a healer imho, her gun has ap down which has been amazing for attack, her rush heals for 2 turns but also recovers impair and stun and her active heals

I’ve been running two training grounds 24/7/365 for years and have NEVER received even a single 5*.

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