Ugly Sweater Event

Maybe instead of handing out the feeble amount of free tickets you’re offering, you should instead remove tickets altogether so some of us can start on this faction assault already!.


Happy Holidays!


i vote less sweaters flr completion!

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I say instead of FA tickets give us 2,000 sweaters each day

The past couple months events have been a joke


This is like saying “instead of making us play the game, just give us stuff for no reason.”

They boost the ticket count, give free tickets, increased the free tickets, gave cheap offers for tickets and removed cooldown. Yet you guys still want more…most of the time I can understand people’s complaints about the difficulty that comes with this game but this is actually really easy if you actually just play.


Depending if your faction wern’t fools like me and the rest of them and started one before the event even started then yes it would be a whole lot easier but with search shot notice we missed out.


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