U messed with the game scopely!

A part from that blinding color this should not cover the whole screen


Reminds me when I had to write an essay when I only had a sentence of knowledge


This color gonna turns us I blind I swear, my eyes still hurt from looking at it

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Panic at the disco :blush:

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I cant read it. It absolutely blows. Can you you escalate this @GR.Scopely?

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I like the new armory look but yea the info tab on toons in battle is ridiculous

I agree with that. Armory is acceptable.

This shouldn’t take up the whole screen


Was that sentence “all work and no play makes Parker a dull boy?”

I heard somewhere that you can fill whole novels with it and different indents and other formatting can really jazz it up. Here’s parkerrrrrr…

In other news, I agree the new layout looks weird. But it’s maybe not top priority for next council meeting.

I can bring it up without dying on the font size hill lol


Well can you also mention that the new armory is less helpful than in was before.

I have several minis that I’m working through weapons research on. Before the changes, you were only offered a research option if you had the level for it, but now I have to muck about clicking into options when my armory isn’t high enough for me to research it. They shouldn’t be available to click on in the first place. Like they weren’t before.

No point designing something on the basis everyone already has everything mapped out. We don’t and it will put new players off.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea why anyone would think it’s a good idea to block the entire screen. It’s so unnecessary. Was their thought process literally like “let’s just spread everything out on a big black background but keep all the text the same size! That’ll look awesome!”?

I also don’t like that thing where the weapon effect description fades out at the bottom so you can’t read it all. Just…why? I mean experienced players know what they say already but I’m sure it will confuse some people and it looks stupid.

I’m so happy they put effort into changing colours and adding useless stuff like this instead of actually fixing anything :roll_eyes:


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@holdem @Oci32215 I can definitely bring this to the game team for consideration.