U got 7 hours, to fix the rewards


Give us something worth fighting for, youre breaking history by giving a war reward thats worse than the last level up reward!!



'We’ll just sit here and watch everyone spend regardless what we put out there. ’ Scopely


They aren’t gonna change a thing. Prizes will keep getting even worse than this because people will still spend for them.


Theyre gonna lose money saturday


Right…Good thinking to make yourself feel better.


How do you know?


They are already on their weekend, nobody is left in the office. Probably going to take Monday off too since the holiday fell on Saturday.


Plans <3


The fact shane is completely ignoring the forums and has done all day means nothing will change.


Actually she was online 3 hrs ago pinning and unpinning posts.


And not a single comment. When shit hits the fan hiding is what scopely does best. And wait til its all blown over. Then repeat there mistakes.