Tyreese Yellow!?

Is he any good? I just got him and I was wondering if I should train him (I only have 2 legendaries and a few epcis so I just need to focus in good toons for now

Heyyy, another lucky soul who scored something from the Konrad tokens! Deffo level Tyreese up, he’s a beast with the Bonus HP and revive

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He’s great. He revives, takes a lot of damage and can hit hard with his AR.


Where are you people getting these tokens from

AR too slow, suggest depoting and buying valuable 3 star weapons with the supply points to later disassemble. Couple of rubber mats and grips is far more valuable :sunglasses:


Sounds like a plan I will have to follow though and proceed on pursuing

I think this is the 17th time I’ve seen vino post this screenshot of his team this week. :joy::joy::muscle::muscle:


Lmao they will keep comming haha

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