Tyreese VS Regina (by CN)

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This time I decided to compare the two decapitators. Find out which of them will be better in the attack and which of them is a better character in general.
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Tyreese VS Regina

    1. Stats

Regina’s total stat - 5 366
Total stat of Tyreese - 4 884
There is quite a big difference between them in the stats, since Regina has as much as 500 more defense. In the past, comparing the stats of Romanov and Marlon were almost the same, but here Regina is a significant advantage, so I give her a point.

Tyreese 0:1 Regina

    1. Adrenaline Rush

First, let’s discuss how they cause damage. Tyreese hits to a line of enemies, Regina to two emenies. In the line there can be only one live character, then Tyreese loses the second hit. Regina does not depend on such cases, she will beat on two as long as the enemy in the team has 2+ characters and no matter how much characters in each line. It should also be noted that we do not control Regina’s second target and do not know whom she will beat second. While Tyreese gives us exact information about who he will beat with the rush.
Now let’s discuss the damage itself. Regina has a strange damage to the decapitator, as for me. It will not inflict more than 1600 damage to two enemies, and Tareese may even hit 4k + from the rush in some cases. On the one hand, this is a minus of Regina, but on the other hand, a plus. Her damage is absolutely independent of the attack rate in her stat and the enemy’s defense rate (and from his trait). No matter how hard the enemy is, how Regina would have been debuffed, she would still hit 1600 in two. Tyreese cannot boast about this, because the enemy can be so buffed that Tyreese will take down his HP of 500 or so. Yes, and the maim damage is good, because it reduces the amount of HP from the enemy, makes his heal less effective, and it becomes much easier to kill him. And if the enemy has less than 1600 HP, then we have a guarantee that we will kill him.
The winner at this paragraph is a matter of chance. Yet Regina is often more productive in her rush than Tyreese. Besides, her rush is faster, so…

Tyreese 0:2 Regina

  • 3.Active Skill

Cooldowns are the same for everyone, but I think most of you would agree that impair is better than the AP buff to teammates. Regina’s active is narrowly applied in practice, and Tyreese’s active is always usable.

Tyreese 1:2 Regina

    1. Better as a decapitator

Which of the two best plays the role of a decapitator? My opinion is prefer Tyreese, because he has a higher attack rate, in mods and weapons, he is also an attacker with a double attack, and Regina is more like a balance or a tank with impair when attacking in a weapon. Of course, you can make an attacker out of her, like Tyreese, but she will still not be as effective in the role of a decapitator as he is.

Tyreese 2:2 Regina

    1. Versatility

Because of her stats, Regina can be anyone (attacker, balance, tank). Also, her rush is independent in terms of damage, so when she is a tank, you can safely put her in defense, where it will show itself well. And in the attack it can also be safely used for the same reasons. Unlike Regina, Tyreese is usable only in attack and is not as versatile as she.

Tyreese 2:3 Regina

  • Conclusion

In the end I want to add that Tyreese dies quickly, because he is often beaten by enemy characters. In this regard, I made a team where I put a shield to divert damage. I also thought it necessary to add a buffer and reviver there. When used in Regina’s attack, she dies not so quickly, so you can do without shields. Unless of course you put her mods on the defense and HP.

So, Regina becomes the winner in comparison!

  • Tyreese
  • Regina

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