Tyreese red (alert)



Please Scopely, put Tyreese red (alert), epic or legendary, who has good leadership skills (life, attack)


No what I want is a Tyreese with his hammer with absolute defense as his special weapon now that Is a Tyreese I would buy


Better yet make the game less boring. Gacha games can only hold my enthusiasm grinding for so long. Onslaught isn’t helping. Maybe 3+ years is showing its lifecycle.


They will soon, he’ll be a shield and probably have a lead with 40 def & 40 atk. A 66 AR of 50 HP heal to everyone with 40% bonus HP to everyone and -80 defense debuff for all enemies. His AS will be be taunt to 4 and heal 3, with indomitable specialist and a stock Abs defense weapon :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I probably shouldn’t laugh, watch that will be the next toon 🤦


human shields dont have lead skills unfort


prolly revives rush too, dual!
and when it farts it causes bleed, 2k worth


And if you have sound on, trumpets will sound when he swings


there is a red tyreese ?



Honestly I think it’s a reference to how he has terrible aim in the comics as alerts typically use pistols.

Which he couldn’t hit a walker head for his life with.


yet he has a blue version.


Not only is it a blue but he decaps. Headshots. Lol


Wait, what was that agian :ear::raised_hand:, Human Shields don’t have Specialist skills??

I called it! :rofl::rofl:


Bazinga!!! you got me


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