Tyreese era? Range vs Melee balanced?


I’ve been watching new @Justabox video(https://youtu.be/Fj-6n8bDYTg) and got curious which teams are now in use in the youngest Russian region, so I’ve checked it and whoa no surprise, factions from 1 to 30 all mirabelles and Tys. Range era, not even just ty era like it was with multiple Andrea.

What do you think guys? The char seemed quite balanced for me, but I’ve been mostly playing on more mature region and they look to stick to their favorite fives somertimes, trying to create a team which will perform some kind of strategy during raid, while in Shelby they just rocking Tys under Mir, the more the better



Yeah this seems to be the case. My oldest region that is over a year old I see more teams that still have a decent amount of their old favorite 5*'s (LE Jesus/LE Dwight/Andrea, etc) mixed in with 6*'s but in the new region Chilton, the top factions mostly have teams comprised of majority 6*'s all under the Mira/Carl lead

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Yeah Chilton you are way behind without a carl or Mira lead

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I dont see a ton of Tyreese on my region, and when I do he isn’t much of a problem. I run an all melee team, mostly fast.

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Yeah it’s definetly a range era, was always going to be the case when they gave away 1000s of mirabelle then decided to make her the best range lead.

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Who’s your lead?



6 star carl. Hes my only 6 star so far, i still do pretty good.



Well that’s the answer haha
He was not given out like Mira was or available in supply depot like Ty

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