Typical scopely

Skullgate fixed in few hours.
Europe ads issue fixed in months.
Why do people still spend money in this game? Cant do one single thing right and when they do it everyone praising them like gods, its disgusting :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


No praise here.

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Because the whales have no self control and don’t want the game to be balance they want the gap to be as long as possible.


I don’t care, least it’s getting fixed

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Ye well its been there for months so if ure eu u should care, i bet americans wont complain now about all the gold europeans couldnt get :smiley: “hUgE gOld dIffErEncE, plz cOmpEnsAtE”

The missions rewards are better but now its the same exact missions and rewards, no more 15 coins every once and awhile either, idk wtf the praise was for cause its not that great tbh, only explanation i have for the way this world is now is that im in the twilight zone


I honestly worry about the whales that aren’t millionaires. Some ppl are too hooked to know when they should stop. I honestly chose to take the family out for a great weekend rather than be awesome at this game :grin:




I praise them for making this game so unenjoyable that I no longer want to play


Can fix the skull tokens yet 2 basic tokens are still in war crates.


If they would have put any effort into updates over the past 3 years the game like war crates wouldn’t be where it is. Sheer laziness and ignorance is what will kill the game


Probably gave praise before they realised the missions were identical every day with no free gold any more.

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I’m a bit disturbed that was a choice you actively had to make. Hhhmmm play this video game or be an active parent? One should have been instinctive, the other a kind of would be nice to also do…

Scopely are experts are blurring the line between gambling and mobile games.

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