Typhoon pre-order asking for in game ID number, what is this?

I don’t have an ID number, just an account code. the Pre-order page requires a number, not an alpha code.

Any ideas what this code would be?

Click on top left level no, then you should see a 9 digit code

And keep this code in case you lose your account and never share it with us👍

Yeah I tried, that but it’s alpha, not a number and the form requires a number.

Damn someone here I’ll know🤗

Click on the top left circle that shows which level you are, then under the profile button you should see your account code xxx-xxx-xxx. This is the code they are looking for, I have done the preorder myself.

Not working for me, it’s all alpha, no numeric part to the code and it’s saying it requires a number.

Type in what Evers there and give it a go

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I already tried, it won’t let me submit the form. It requires a number

Just checked an mine is letters as well :thinking: @GR.Scopely could you help us out here?

The book was released yesterday, so technically no longer possible to pre-order. Maybe that’s the problem if you didn’t order before the 1st?

I did pre-order, I just got the e-mail today to fill out the form with the order ID and game ID.

Yeah you probably missed out then. The instructions said to put your account code in the notes field of your order before you even checked out. I never got an email asking me for anything after that, just a confirmation of my order.

@chupon - Did you receive that form in an e-mail?

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Yes, I had pre-ordered it before the announcement.

Thanks! I’ll let them know the field needs to be changed.

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