Typhoon Event - When will we get info?

Would be nice if you gave us even a teaser of what’s to come.


That’s what the daoist prayer beads were for silly

I got them and I don’t know shit.


It may very well be like Shiva Force, my suggestion dont expect too much from Typhoon.


Would be nice to know, maybe after war? Or maybe after the s class recruits.

Knowing them it’ll be an hour before it starts


No need to worry info be on vk before they post it lol.


$$$$$$$$$$ :dollar: = Hint


Maybe a new threat

They did give us a teaser. It was in that feedback form when they asked us how excited we were.

After finding the one response they were looking for out of all the responses received, scopely concluded that 101.3% of the player base said they were already really excited about the upcoming event and knew enough already, and couldn’t cope with the information overload already out there. In a well advertised and easy to find announcement in-game which does not lead to any follow up questions/comments at all, Scopely will shortly be pleased to announce they’ve listened to this extensive player feedback and will not be making any changes to the level of information already out there.

Whatever it is, it will be a ridiculous grind with pointless milestones which don’t actually do anything constructive to improve our game, and someone will probably accidentally have sat on the zero button to give us all RSI as we work through thousands of pointless tasks again.

I also predict some cock up to stop us getting the milestones outright so we’ll have to rely on rng/spending to finish it off. All for some lacklustre and already outdated toon at the end of it who’s description doesn’t quite match how the toon actually works in the game and which will need to be fixed in a later update. That’s all you need to know.


Hello everyone,

We are finalizing the last items and I am hoping to have the communication out for you later on today.



Wooo thanks GR!

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vk is about post info soon solo raids showing items for it

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your work for scoley dont you ? you know the MO lol

Keep it real Typhoon Event is code for we are dropping new Typhoon themed S Class open them wallets Scopely has kids to feed



Just so long as you don’t manage to work out my real name for when they enforce my NDA. Which may or may not have been the basis for the ones the players council all signed. And which I may or may not have been asked to sign in blood…

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Please dont make it suck, after Sergio event I don’t think the player base can take more sub par poop🤗


Thanks GR. Can’t wait untill they make you a S-Class character in the eurovision event

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Lol, truly a “Players” Council. Chosen by Scopely, for Scopely and an NDA to ensure the players don’t get to know anything. Love to see it go to court, McLibel all over again.

They really need to change the title under the Trades Description Act though. Council of Players or if transparency is for real then Scopelys Council of Players would be more apt.

It’s been 10 hours. Where’s the juice.

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