Typhoon Event soon?

Most people will start opening stash 2 on anniversary stash and no idea what there completing the 2nd stash for the info in game says typhoon event maybe some more info so everyone know what the completing it for?



Maybe Players Council members can get/give some info about it?

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Players Council should be an addition to better player/dev communication, not the sole telegraph line


Isn’t it sad we can’t get an answer to this question? How hard can it be to answer this question unless they know absolutely nothing about it? Perhaps the necklace is a mistake.


I agree but they can certainly push for better communication when potentially 2 events are going to be going on at the same time and only have info about 1 of the them.

I don’t think Typhoon will appear until Anniversary has finished. Be like setting your fireworks all off at once


Wouldn’t be surprised at a mistake but couple weeks going now would of thought they’d change the necklace for a bloody shirt.

I believe typhoon was estimated for Sept 8th

Not the sole but maybe an extra line would be nice

4th Anniversary Stash 2 beads, @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @Bane any chance you could let us know what they are for Please Ty🤗

They are for typhoon event says in the description

Players council is not for communicating Scopely events etc. Player council is to communicate customer issues to Scopely… apparently

They are communicating to the community, but obviously the point is to offer insights to scopely as the top priority

Just would like them to be a little bit more specific :hugs:

All very confusing, shouldn’t have to contact a customer to find out information about a Company

It’s still a week or 3 away.

They’re just releasing what’s discussed by players council.

It just makes no sense. Scopely should be asking this through there customer service and CM and surveys, not hired customers. Does anyone go to Amazon or eBay or a smaller company (even though Scopely what has a worth of 1 Billion or something?) and get asked questions by customers that they have to respond back to via customers?

How is Scopely meant to improve communication of they are passing it on to hired customers.

When I have an issues or feedback to give to a company I deal with the company cos it is Their company, there responsibility.

The pc is supposed to relay opinions on a smaller scale then a mass survey I believe. As far as I know none of them were hired either

So of its on a smaller scale regardless, large or small, whats stopping Scopely being the ones to do it. It is their Company, it is their job no? My local post office or fruit and veg shop doesn’t pass on to customers to collect customers points of view, nor does big companies like coca cola, eBay, Google etc.