Typhoon Event : Roadmaps

Asking for a friend… Can you re-release Ziafeng Roadmap, 1 away from completion.


Nope their whole plan is to make you spend then use a bunch of energy to get a toon that is trash and wont help your teams, dont worry about it, honestly Zhu is not worth it. Shame scopely has 0 pride in their work, if i was the dev behind this i would be ashamed and embarrassed


See if someone in your region has him up and jump in that faction for a couple minutes.

Pathetic event. Sorry your coping with this. Maybe someone in your region could hop into your fact so you can finish? I really don’t know how else you could accomplish this.

This event was made with spenders in mind. Lol sad.


Same in my region nobody has that toon
Scolely Scumb@gs

Nobody wants the toon lol

So far we’ve gotten 1 map for each “typhoon” toon for the event. They’re probably doing Jiafeng last in hopes people would do more pulls for her.

I agree not worth the effort

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Theres one coming but idk when

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