Typhoon event rewards- Yay or nay?

So, after looking through the event, I have come to the conclusion that it is not as bad as it seems.
Zhu is pretty mediocre, BUT he has an attacking leader skill that isn’t half bad. Ftp never had an easily accessible attack leader for tough/fast, and while the attack stat on the leader skill is lower than normal, it will allow for a more rainbow attack for people without a well defined roster.

Stash: free collectibles for s-class toons, it’s a guaranteed 1k of keys, ice creams, and cakes. Not bad tbh

RAID DROPS: the raid drop crates were a very smart idea. By putting ice cream cones and keys along with the yang symbols, it makes it to where people will continue to go for the crates in hopes of getting the keys and ice creams. Also, the amount is nice (x100) which is a good balance and better than only x20 considered the rate at which the crates drop. There is one problem with the crates though, we need to know the odds at which each item in the boxes will drop.

All in all, I’d save the event is not a failure. It certainly did not live up to expectations but it isn’t a total wreck like Sergio was. With a bit of tweaking to the end reward to make it more useable (Zhu), and less convoluted steps on how the event works, I think it would have been a great event.

Final grade: B
Needs improvement but it’s actually going somewhere good. Nice work


Not read it all yet. But I’d wait before declaring him F2P 6 items, 8 roadmap stages of increasing difficulty, 50 piece stash, 5 missions, 1 of which requires toons some factions don’t have, and a high roadmap cost for the intial map that sets you on your way in this, later


D- for all realist
Maybe a B+ if you live in fantasy land or work for the company.


Haha. Wayyyy to early to give it a b+. Let’s see the drop rate of the cones and keys.


Are you kidding even the balloon event was better laid out. This is 5x the grind and less rewarding.

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5x the grind? How so?

Read it all.

  • Assuming Zhu is F2P. He’s near useless for anyone close to the meta fighting S-Class. This is a player-base wide event, not just something for F2P. Given they had the sheer audacity to release an S-Class not 2 hours later, I give them no points on how potentially good he could be.

  • There’s way too many collection items. Looking at how far away I was from Zhu with my 20 prayer beads was already exhausting. Sometimes, less is more.

  • As mentioned above, some of these missions don’t look F2P possible unless they drop those toons in roadmaps. If this is another event like Sergio which kneecaps you at the last minute, then it deserves nothing above an F.

  • The collection items are nice. But they are only intended as a side prize. I think that speaks to the quality of the other prizes that they are considered the highlight. They also lose a mark for not including collections in milestones as promised yet. Instead these spots are being used up by pointless special energy

I will happily change my opinion if anything extra comes to light in the next 30 days. But so far, this is not an event deserving of a B. It’s a prospective D at best so far.


It’s going to be x50 received 99.999999% of the time people already posted opening 100+ and not 1 key or cone.

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Ok mate, can you show me people opening up 100+ crates already considering it is only a couple hours into the event? And this is just a first look thing, I will make an update in 1-2 weeks. As of right now, it doesn’t look half bad

Because you can’t do all parts of the events without first getting other parts. So miss a item by a few and the next event is out of the question.


10 raids upto now crates only dropped thrice, 0 Sclass items.

All you hafta do is be active like normal, and do a roadmap whenever u collect some beads. Doesn’t seem that hard to me. The other stuff in it isn’t all that hard, I kill a bunch of walkers a day when I’m using world energy anyways

I mentioned that odds needed to be shown on the crates

I’d give you some lilliths lol. I haven’t 25 or so saved that I won’t be using for months

I’m flush in Ulysses, so many I use him as just regular fodder in level ups because he gives more then Burt’s.

This is a big deal 10% is huge. That’s why many people with a 38% + stun/impair etc weapon often retry for a perfect 40% + stun/impair weapon even though it will take a very long time.

A Rainbow attack is all 4. This is as much of a rainbow attack as Camila in the League store is (2 traits) and she has a better att boost.

In the same way that completing the Sergio stash was F2P? 1000 Blue keys is still only 9% towards Pete and it will take a month to get that.

Only if the drop rates on collectables were decent - so far this does not seem the case. However, this is probably the best feature of the event imo, although that doesn’t say a lot.

Yep this was what the playerbase asked for, instead they did the complete opposite.

I’m guessing your from the States? If not then definitely not from the UK?
Until recently, and still currently in the British curriculum internationally, we had grades. However our C’s are considered good grades as they take a lot of effort to achieve, B’s are a very good grade, A’s are excellent and Astars are exceptional!
So when you say B Grade, to me, that is saying this is a very good event.

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I have no hope in scopelys maths at this point, in fact i say it is on purpose the shortcomings of items needed in hopes to get people to buy that one offer that will allow them to finish, really is this a conspiracy still? Lol anyways

The roadmaps i can tell will be insane to the point most will not finish and that mission where we need to use certain toons is sooooo stupid.

All in all the grind to get Zhu or finish this event isnt looking good. I am for a challenge, i enjoy it but making events like this with an underpowered toon is something that needs to stop.

At this moment i give it a D or even an F. The only saving grace this event has is the items for the s class toons but again i think most wont finish this without spending or pulling some hoops along with perfect grinding to finish, just like the road rage with sandy and bruce, great toons but the grind was insane and i wouldnt had got a toon if i didnt transfer regions to get extra milestones and spend some coins.

My vote is for nay. The toon could be a lot better, feels like it was mashed together by someone who doesnt play the game and the convulated steps to get an item to get another item to get another item to get another item to pull a stash to get another item to do a roadmap that most wont be able to do gets an F, the s class items being it do a D or D-, tho we will see how this works out but this looks bad so far


It sounds good, but when you really think about the event being 30 days long, it doesn’t sound so good. That’s on pace for anywhere between 6-10 months depending on war and roadmaps. Should have been more imo for such a long event.

Not even going to discuss whether Zhu is a good or bad character. But realistically do the math on prayer beads, and tell me again how you will be completing those maps as a f2p to actually obtain this character.

There is a paywall, as always, trust me.

They can keep Zhu. So funny that prizes are gen 2… gen 2 is dead.