Typhoon event issue

I have an issue with the new event. It’s been completed already and the event started after completion. Anyone know how I am going to complete the Jiafeng task for the event? It seems weird that she isn’t in the quest bar if you need to replay the mission. Surely I am not the only one?

O Why do you even care? The stash itself is terrible and the toon is awful too. Just call it a day and uninstall like so many others


The best thing you could do is talk to other factions in your region and ask if you can trade people in and out that have the character.

How is this comment helping the original poster? Have you uninstalled yet? Every thread it’s nothing but negativity. Some people still enjoy the game quit being a Debbie downer and ruining it for other people.

This is what I sent my fac last night :slight_smile:
Using them as faction support works, but make sure they rush to use to the fullest potential.

Good post, we are also encouraging our members to run 12.3 or 12.4 with 1 L and one supporter only. I have been averaging about five rushes per map. Those maps also help towards completing the zombie portion of the mission for the event.

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That’s an excellent point!

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