Typhoon event is bullshit

always scopely scam us wants to give you a character in the typhoon event but it always puts obstacles and never claim.


I have to agree with you. Majority of the players don’t have OP toons to use for the mission. No one in my faction has Amber, Elena, Mercer, or Jiafueng. What the hell are you thinking. Y’all just want players to spend for the crappy toon. This is some straight up BS!


Games been sucking hard for the past 2 years.

You guys haven’t got the memo?


Pretty dissapointed with this crappy event.


One of the worst events I’ve seen in a game ever. The stash itself is trash as is the toon for completing the overall thing.

Also the number of beads you need to do the roadmap is absolutely ridiculous and of course they’re selling the beads at an inflated price.

The missions we can do are just terrible. Gigantic grind for absolutely trash rewards.

Then as a F2P player if you do somehow unlock the Zhu Roadmap you need 100’s of energy to even stand a chance of completing it in the 2 or 3 days max you’d even have it open for.

I have no clue what is going through Scopely’s heads when they created such a bad event but fuck me, I want whatever they’re snorting on a daily basis as this is trash.

The letter to the players, their ‘promises’. All of it empty, ■■■■■■■ meaningless, they’re incapable of changing. Other than updating the wheels only to immediately make the toons worthless by releasing S Class and giving us 1250 coins they’ve done shit all to uphold a single one of their promises.

Scopely, seriously, go fuck yourselves you disgusting, lying, scheming, piggish scam artists. Company makes me ■■■■■■■ sick. EA seriously has competition for the Worst Company Award this year. Scopely earned it


The best part about this event as of now is the raid drops if you can get lucky. As far as using those toons, hopefully you are in a region with a whale faction that will let you guys in and out to use as supporters.

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Maybe when you do arenas you can select one of those toons and it will count towards the goal…

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the pointless pray beads the cost for the energy is to high, the rushes and i’m sure they will ad a horde event and not give us one

They want players to quit. Another play to pay event. Most normal factions don’t have access to those toons.

Scopley go …

OP literally said exactly what I wanted to type but want feeling like getting b-hammered. Was trying to find a way to say it all. I’m sick of this game. I just moved up to wave 2 and joined a damn good faction, but I have no idea why… I have no motivation to play this game. I’m addicted, just like many, but fortunately I haven’t spent a penny in 3 or 4 months now. S class now comes along and pretty much wrecks my what was a pretty awesome roster. But at least I could still holds my own against fellow non spenders. Now, everyone has an s class, which means those of us with just one have to basically build their teams around that toon in order to hold their own. Very one dimensional. And very depressing.


Not even mention their new s class toon. Scopely makes promises, but break it 5 min later.

U just kill of 95% of your fanbase with these extreme overpriced pixels.

Some ppl paid 3k on a single toon.

Just get real scopely, it’s a ■■■■■■■ game.

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Have those who have them put them up as faction supporters and then the fac uses them on maps for the ar

Use a load of beads and raid cans to pull a can of crap

I already asked for the faction to put up characters. We don’t have anyone with Amber, Elena, Mercer or jiafeng. We know we aren’t getting the mission completed so many aren’t even trying.

At first I was thinking that I would participate in this event but now I’m having second thoughts.

wouldn’t be surprised if scopely locked us all in faction events til the event is over so people can’t hop around factions to get the jiafeng/ elana type rushes missions.


I hear this from players so much but i have never seen a more serious community, people really think they have to spend thousands a month to support the game, they try really hard in events and spend lots of money to “win” in a mobile gambling app and have a bloated ego but say its just a game doood! I cant believe rts, scopely, this community, etc is real, like this is really happening, i feel like im in a dream or the twilight zone cause of how crazy everything is but nope, this is real and people are very serious. If rts disappeared tomarrow, many would need to be put into a mental hospital cause they would breakdown and go crazy cause spending thousands to win a level up and raids in a mobile game is all they have and honestly its really sad, some of these people have no control or free will either and it is sad and scopely takes advantage of it.


Takes advantage of what? How in the world did they force anybody to install, play, get out their wallet, and enter their credit card number? If it’s so bad walk away right? You wouldn’t keep going to a restaurant if the service was bad would you? The one Would force you just like no one forced you to play this game. You stay because it’s really not that bad but it makes you feel better to vent right? The game is fun and will see in war soon I’m sure.

I never said it was so bad, please slow your roll and read carefully. I am talking about the players in this game, they are addicts, same with a drug. In fact, i am passionate about this game cause it is a good game at its core, youre right if it was bad i would had quit along time ago but that isnt what i said, instead of white knighting like kookland used to do, maybe read and comprehend what was read and throwing assumptions while putting a question mark at the end cause you are uncertain of your assumption is just silly.

You seem really defensive about scopely btw :thinking: or maybe youre trying to be that edgy scopely knight, either or its bad trolling.

As i said, people say this is just a game, dont take it so serious, etc but then they act the most serious, spending thousands, staying up all day and night and making silly threats about beating people up in war. Double standards are annoying.


Thanks for the advice.