Typhoon book preorder

So i preordered the book off the skybound webpage and i have been a member of skybound got awhile and i havent gotten the 5* Rick nor the zhu yet

Says 24 hours from purchase to receive. Hit them up on Twitter or Facebook. Social media can help resolve issues sometimes.

Well i still havent even gotten the rick from the time ago XD

Did you pre-order before or after the e-mail went out? I pre-ordered before and am still waiting for follow up e-mail.

You had to message in game support for them to send you a Rick after they sent out the first batch. I imagine you night have to message again

@chupon it was after
@Opie the contact ingame support is gone for me

That’s just a spam to lure people into buying [bait & switch]

It’s gone for me too. Not sure if it has to do with last night or just a coincidence. I’ve used support occasionally


Well at this point its been more than 24 hours amd i still havent gotten my rewards yet. Should i be able to mark them for false advertising?

Well report

I got Zhu but he was sent to my alt mailbox in another region. I didn’t claim him yet. Going to message “support” and see if they can move him to my main region.

If you have alt regions check there.

Pics or it didn’t happen post:

Got him finally

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