Ty offer! Thoughts

What do you Think?

Penso che avrebbero dovuto offrire un pg che non fosse mai uscito in offerta per esempio Lydia

As with any other offer for a gauranteed character, you could burn more cash and get less from it. If you want Ty and are willing to part with the dollar, then go ahead.


I think if you buy that you are a moron but it’s your money

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That Ty is not that good imo. That’s why he’s on special.

This question will always have 3 answers:

F2P: nah this is trash don’t spend money on this game what are you an idiot lmao

Moderate spenders: good deal, you could spend a lot more and end up with nothing

Whales: I already have him


This is accurate

Missed one
“It’s your choice”

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People spent more for the michonne offer and she’s a much lesser toon IMO.

My team, I mean could be nice with ty, but maybe an guardian would fit better - like yellow Glenn

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Your responding you your own response :joy::joy::joy::man_shrugging:


Really just depends on how much disposable income you have. If $100 isn’t a lot of money for you then it’s a good deal because he’s guareenteed and it does come with some gear and a lot of trainers. Think about t this way, your lucky if you do a forty pull while he’s on promo and you get him as a six star.

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He’s pointing out where the comment is with his team in it.

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It’s like 2 comments above his comment :joy::joy::joy::joy:

My thoughts are, would it be better with an guardian instead of this TY… :slight_smile:

You’d be surprised how easily people can miss it.

Bruh… Dat spelling doe… Wee woo wee woo spelling police here :policeman:

It’s a ok he’s not that good of a toon there’s better but if ya really need another revive or something I’d scoop him up for sure.

As stated, if you have money to blow, go for it. You could spend $100 on pulls and not get a legendary. This is a guarantee, and you’ll know whom you are getting.

I personally wouldnt though. That’s five dinners at Applebee’s or four tanks of gas for a cartoon character.