Two weeks in Scopelyland

Nov 9/10: Scopely promises players coins in exchange for not using in-game items. The conversion rate turns out to be the equivalent of several thousand dollars in in-game currency. People online at the right time can use this currency to get multiple very high value characters, consumables, and resources toward even more high-value characters. Unused currency gets taken away, and people who did not get online in time do not receive the promised in-game currency, only a low-value substitute. Requests for responses or some form of restoring fairness are met with deflections and silence,

Nov 11: The single most important piece of daily content goes missing for most of the day. When it finally appears, players only have eight hours instead of the usual 24, leaving players asleep or at work during that time unable to complete it. Requests to compensate players for the delay and/or missed content by distributing the rewards as compensation are taken to the team, without further action or response.

Nov 17: An expected collection does not appear in game. The inofficial response suggests that the makers of the game were not aware that their main place of distributing content has a limit far lower than required. Players are left in the dark on how this collection will be handled.

Nov 18: The game mode that the currently running event is centered around breaks for many players, who get stuck in a state where they cannot continue. This happens during the part of the multi-week event when there are only two regular recurrences of this game mode, instead of the usual four, and during the last one that many players were counting on to fulfill the required tasks. Scopely use this opportunity to announce that the next version of the game will largely invalidate several years of players’ efforts.

Nov 19: A regular weekly game mode contains high-value items instead of the usual upgrade consumables. Players online during this time can collect enough materials to complete the event several times over, invalidating the considerable amount of time, resources, and often money that other players have put into the event. The game mode gets taken down shortly, so that people not online at that time get disadvantaged even further.

(I’m pretty sure I missed some, and would be grateful for hints. Major things in particular, not “war was down for five minutes”).

@GR.Scopely, I have one question to take to the team: Are you not ashamed?


You would have to give a fuck to feel ashamed.


Arena’s is still funky - there is a Draft Arena booked at the end, but if you click on it to set defense, it is actually Tank Squad.

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Nice one, it’s tank squad for me though (and hasn’t happened, so not a screwup yet).

Good write up. It’s really sad to see how poorly developed the game has been lately. We can’t experience the game a few days or let alone a week without game breaking issues… and the worst part is the neglect how how they’re not properly addressing issues and concerns.

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Lately? Development doesn’t matter. People still spend.

Worth sharing this again explaining what can only described as a complete lack of caring:

As their former General Manager and current advisor Jason Weiss told the Awesome Office show, failure isn’t just tolerated at Scopely, it’s celebrated.

At the end of each week, the company holds a “Fail of the Week” session, during which a member of each team shares their most epic failure and what he or she learns from it.
The point isn’t to call out people’s mistakes but to acknowledge failure’s critical role in the growth process, as well as share the lessons learned from the experience.

It can be a good idea; being honest about your errors and what you have learned from them can be very effective. The problem is that they don’t seem to learn.


that’s a PRETTY big 2nd part… that they miss

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