Two swords 6 when?


For when Michonne 2 swords of 6 *?


Never going to happen


I heard it’s tomorrow :rofl::rofl: … Jk


Soon TM


If they do a michonne that exist already has to be slice and dice. Free shield will never happen so that’s out


coming in 2022 only 4 year wait :kissing_heart:


If they make her a 6* she better look like her 5* I don’t want them ruining my Michonne


She’ll be wearing a nascar racing outfit like Mira


no she will be dressed like a victorian era socialite


I’m going with a space suit


If they do that I’ma cry :sob:


Hotdog suit for me


She got a sex change, went albino and did some cardio to become barker


She’s been around for quite a while now.


Its in the TBD stage right now and has been since six stars was launched. Kinda like every one else.


I dont think impair toons are even close to how strong they were in 5* era.


Mods made just about everything popular during 5* meta not popular, exception of cleansers like Mackenzie and tripp


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