Two pulls for Holly


Exaggeration I assume :thinking::grimacing:


no pull… a little nightmare.
i decide to only pull with free coin from now .
except 2x


Sorry, bud. I have gone 400 pulls before. I know the frustration


many legend also were pulled
but not holly not conrad
almost same legend or ascendable.
over 4 aiko 4carl…
i often got pickup by average 160 pulls.


yea but yen
i’m low salary worker
my two month salary
i must cut my food cost and other
i’m fool hahah…:zombie:‍♂


I can read fine. It’s worded in a way that at first glance you’d see an extra pull off you were in the sub. But that comes with the sub. So shoo fly.


There is nothing in that pop-up that suggests an additional pull. Nothing at all.


Probably just mental gymnastics suggesting they get the normal survivor’s club pull and an extra because its holly lol


Nah, bro… That’s poor reading comprehension skills… It was a really obvious and simple advertisement… :sunglasses:


I plead the 5th.


Party…nowhere in that writing does it even hint at an extra pull…
I’ll just leave it that, and say reading is fun, and comprehending what you read is more fun


Are you crazy dude


Now I don’t feel so bad. That guy spent thousands and no holly. Wow


This is exactly what’s wrong with this game


I got her in ascended version with my survivors club pull. Maybe they upped the chances for us to make us keep survivors club? Never got an ascended legendary from a pull before.


Pic or no proof


I could post a pic of me getting her, but that would be no proof I got her from survivors club…



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