Two pulls for Holly


Did anyone get the pop up that said two pull for Holly each day for survivor club members for the seven days of the premier wheel???



Thanks I usually X those pop ups without reading them very well.


Low Subscription rates? :thinking::roll_eyes:


Watch them make it to where people who are already subscribed get Holly within the 7 days.


Yeah right. All my pulls have been 4* trash


Still 6 days left and we all know that Scopely wants people to subscribe :wink:


I don’t see where the extra pull is…it’s just the same as usual, right?


Dude, it’s not in the cards for me bro. Never is


There isn’t an extra pull. U get one free pull a day and u CAN use it on her promo


Worded to make you believe you get 2 pulls so you buy the sub.


Amazing how other games can give you a free pull without being subscribed to anything.
They can suck my finger all day / 7 days.


How is it worded to make you think you will get two pulls?


Toes 7 chars


The same. My pull, 10 4*. Thanks Scopely


Seems you can’t read properly, there is no mention of double pulls.


for holly
i pulled over 1000times…
i feel very bad…


Did you get her? That’s over $2500, so I hope so!


When they say you get a free pull a day for her, they obviously mean using your free daily pull for her.


If you keep going, you will eventually get her. Think of all the trainers you get with it.