Two logical changes to help fix the game

Two changes I’ve had in mind, for a considerable length of time now, that would bring significant balance and diversity to the game play are as follows:

  1. Allow only one (1) of a particular character on a team.

Reasoning: Simple logic would dictate that identical people don’t exist within the realm of TWD and thus could never fight side-by-side. Furthermore, it would bring players to be more clever and intelligent in team design where it isn’t a factor of how many Zachary you can pair with Doctor Stevens. Heavily premium teams would still be very difficult for most f2p players but this change would allow for well-designed f2p teams to actually compete. It would bring team-crafting and ingenuity to once again become part of the game.

So much of the boredom currently within the game is based on the fact there is little diversity in defense teams of heavy-spenders and some of those teams are essentially impossible to beat with f2p teams, even for players who have been around, and being competitive, since well before the advent of 6* characters.

  1. Revived toons should NOT be revived with the same AP they were knocked out with.

Reasoning: Realistically speaking a revived person would be quite groggy and not able to rush. Also, if a toon doesn’t come back with full health, why should they come back with full AP? Reviving a character itself is an advantage in a match, reviving a character with the ability to rush immediately is an excessive advantage.

Players shouldn’t face a situation where they are facing three or four revive characters but are able to take out all but one only to see one rush end up with all five toons alive because of the cascade of rushes upon each individual revival. Yes, there are decapitate rooms available that would reduce the chances of that situation but not everyone has viable decapitate options. Having a decapitate toon gives a player a slight advantage in these situations, but not having a decapitate toon shouldn’t be such a large disadvantage as it currently is.

I believe these two changes would bring back a lot of interest to this game as it would bring it back to a place where intelligent gameplay still allows a f2p player to compete with heavy spenders. This balance would give more excitement and more enticement for f2p players to grind hard. They may be f2p but money is still being made by the company every time they watch those videos for free coins and thus, a non-spender’s fate in the game should not be quickly overlooked.


What reality do you live in? :joy:


You do realize a person can be clinically dead and still be brought back to life?


Agree on both fronts. The first will never happen. The second shoulda been there since the introduction of revive.


Let’s not get picky. A revived clinically dead person wouldn’t get sliced down with a molten sword neither

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Identical twins exist. Plastic surgery. Alternate dimensions… Many reason why two people can look the same.

It’s based on a zombie comic. Zombies aren’t real… Or are we ignoring that?

Tell that to the naked guy who ate that guys face off in Miami.


Lol solid point

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Agree with both. In before the spenders whine it’s not fair.

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They should be revived but as Walkers and eat the living.
You can’t bring people back to life in the walking dead universe.

Agree on the second point a kill should reset AP


I’ve understood what he meant, thus being contradictory and acting like u don’t understand behaviors will get u nowhere in this forums

I wondered who fl@gged it. Welcome back Veni

Totally agree multiples of the same character should not be aloud but clearly no one agrees.

And be cause of that it will never happen.

Not sure but it’s always a positive thing throwing ideas at Scopes🤗

Only one change is needed. A competent company that doesn’t have screwing the player base as its sole focus takes over the game.

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Good idea IF they also make sure you don’t pull dupes and compensate everybody for every dupe they have (at least a big pull per dupe). But there is still another thing to be changed: bound weapons. They need to make all bound weapons like Dwight’s but upgradeable.

AP is not a problem, what they need to change is that revive cures maim.

Curious you only choose maim when it also cures bleed burn def down att down…

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Maim is permanent but bleed, burn, def down, att down, etc. are not.

Maim reduces the max hp. You should be revived with this reduced max hp.

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You know the first will never happen scopley loves there money but the swcond one should be a thing you know how many times i almost had a team then i dumb reveive revives then they all start reviving.