Two device issue



To preface this, I play this game on two devices, my iPhone and my Android tablet when my iPhone needs to be charged or is just generally unavailable. I’m level 125 and nearly prestige 13. I’m an avid player and spender of this game and have been since its release.

I tried to make in-game purchases on my main account while on my iPhone but was unsuccessful due to the iOS error that was later fixed with the 9.0 update. The problem is, that account was linked to my android device at the time of the update. So the coins that I purchased while the iOS bug was in effect went to the secondary account that was linked to my iPhone at the time of the update. The secondary account is a level three account with nearly 5,000 coins at the moment and is still gaining coins due to my 30 day pass being renewed on that account also, when it’s not even in use.

Of course I reached out to in-game support regarding this problem, but they’re no help. The only advice they could offer me is to ask Apple for a refund. This company has to do a better job at taking care of its consumers than this. This entire situation has caused me to want to quit. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the product I paid for, especially when my money was deducted while the iOS error prevented me from receiving my coins. Writing about this issue on the forums is a complete Hail Mary. If I can’t get the coins that I’m owed, I’m walking away from this game and so is the buddy I play this game with. @kalishane any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m able to provide personal details like account codes, iTunes receipts, screenshots of my interaction with in-game support if necessary.


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