Two 6* zekes? Is it possible?


During the promo was there ever a way to get 2 6* zekes?


Two Legendary Ezekiels? It’s possible to even have two Mirabelles and Carls in the same team.


You can get zeke from the 5 star wheel.


Did this change?


no it didn’t, they did what was in that corrected post


He isn’t on the premiere list either so there’s two other possible theories. Although I am just assuming the OP is asking because they’ve seen someone with two Zekes. Have you? Or is it just a random question? lol


They’re asking because someone in the coosa region has two legendary Ezekiel’s


Coosa? Sounds familiar. I’ll take a wild guess that “Coosa” and “cheating” have been uttered in the same sentence before and that’s why I remember lol.


I’ve seen a team with 2 fully leveled zekes


Sounds like a suspicious player to me. Can’t wait to see em locked up… in 6 months.


He could be in the Prestige Wheel. Prestige Wheel is dropping 5*s that aren’t showing up in there.


I’ve never seen a report of someone pulling him though, and I’m sure it would’ve been huge news


Ivanaova dropped out of the prestige wheel for me yesterday and she isn’t pictured either.
Would rather have another zeke…


Yeah but he was in there originally if he pulled one before they put Carl or shiva there it would explain it


He was there before, just got removed after the update


“Removed” was in reference to the pre-update listing. Originally he was in the list to be added, but was “removed”. He never actually made it to the wheel.


I saw 2 on one team in Irwin region but neither was even close to maxed. Neither of them had crit weapons!


I hope not, he’s annoying as fuck.


That’s coosa for ya @kalishane you ever going to something about the region? I mean with crw coming…it would be nice to see them all banned before then.


Please learn to read the information we are given.